Thursday, May 23, 2013

Honeymoon? Check!

Yesterday, Justin and I booked our Honeymoon! Our budget is super tight right now and I was afraid we weren't going to be able to afford a tropical Honeymoon like I had wanted, but thanks to Groupon, we found an amazing deal! We'll be spending 7 nights in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

The Reef Coco Beach Resort -- where we'll be staying!
 I couldn't be more excited. Playa del Carmen is my favorite place to vacation in Mexico. I've spent a couple of vacations in Playa del Carmen with my family and with my girl friends on my Senior Spring Break. It's the perfect vacation spot! This will be Justin's first time traveling to Mexico and I can't wait for him to experience it.

Since booking our Honeymoon, I haven't been able to stop thinking about all of the must-have vacation items I will need to pack!

Honeymoon Must Haves

My Must-Have List:
*A large assortment of bikini's, since it will be my main form of clothing. I prefer to bring a couple bottoms that will go with many tops. The less you have to pack the better. Ain't nobody got time for luggage fees!
*Oversized sunnies. It's important to protect those eyes when you're out lounging on the beach all day -- and look stylish while doing it.
*Neutral sandals and wedges. Again, the less you have to pack the better. Packing a couple pair of shoes that match every outfit is key.
*Sunscreen and lip protector. The Mexican sun is intense! Even though I tan very easily, I always wear 30 SPF. It's also important to use SPF on those lips. Crusty-crusts are not attractive.
*A carry-all beach bag -- for the obvious.
What are you vacation must-haves?


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Congrats! Booking the honeymoon is the most exciting check in the wedding planning process :)

LOVE Playa del Carmen!

julia rose. said...

YAY honeymooonnnnnn!!! So excited for you guys... and your mexican tans you'll be coming back with ;)

Kaylin said...

Love the list you that you made!!! You will have so much fun in Mexico :)

Kalie said...

How exciting that you booked your honeymoon, I am sure it will be fantastic! I am trying to find the perfect beach (boat) bag for this summer,but no luck yet! You will have to share if you find one!

Anonymous said...

congrats girly!! Looks like you're going to have a blast there. Looks so pretty!!! When is your wedding again?

Jessica Jane said...

I just got back from my honeymoon so I'm super excited for the two of you!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Y'all are going to have an awesome time!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Wahoo!!! Enjoy girl! Love your must haves too

The Sweetest Thing said...

Oh em gee -- I am bad jelly. Can I come?