Thursday, November 29, 2012


So you may think this is your typical "OMG did you see what Anonymous commented on my post yesterday???" post....

....but it's not.

Yesterday marked my first ever blog post with hateful comments. Only, the hateful comments weren't only by anonymous commenters.

First, let me start by saying that I can respect anonymous commenters. Maybe it's the social worker in me. I can completely understand someone's desire for confidentiality. Nowhere in this world of blogging does it state that you must reveal your name. Also, who says that all anonymous commenters are bloggers? Could it be that Anonymous is a non-blogger who likes to read blogs while passing time at the office? Just a thought...

Those of you who may not have seen it, here's the big, bad anonymous comment that got everyone and their mom's fired up yesterday:

"Your blog is one of my favorites but I am really disappointed that you sold out and wore those heinous shorts. Its December in Michigan, who thinks shorts like this are a good idea? Would you ever really wear these in real life? I think not!"

I wasn't the least bit offended by this comment. In fact, I welcomed it as someone's honest opinion, and I can respect that. Nowhere in that comment did Anonymous attack another person. He/She was simply stating that they did not like the shorts. What's so wrong with that? We're all individuals. We have different likes, dislikes, styles, etc. It's okay for someone to dislike what you're wearing! If we all liked the same thing, then style wouldn't be what it is; an expression of ourselves.

What I was offended by were the responses to said anonymous comment. I was appalled, actually. In my opinion, some of those responses were textbook cyber bullying. Hateful things were said about a person for a comment they made about A PAIR OF SHORTS. If that's not ridiculous, then I don't know what is.

I welcome anonymous commenters with open arms. If you don't want everyone on the internet knowing your name, I respect that! If you want to express your honest opinion about material I post on my blog without having me or others know who you are, then do it! As long as your anonymous comment does not attack another person, I'm not going to have an issue with it.

With that being said, if I receive another hateful comment on one of my blog posts, I will delete it. I don't care if you're "Anonymous" or if you "have the balls" to use your real name, I don't discriminate when it comes to cyber bullying. My blog is a place for me to write about whatever I want and a place for my readers to express their honest opinion about my material. I refuse to let anyone be bullied on my blog.

I may lose some followers because of this post, but so be it. My morals are more important to me than that number on my sidebar.

Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Round 5 of #TheMessyProject Revealed!

If you've been around these neck of the woods for a while now, you may remember this post from back in July. I had the honor of being a part of the first ever #TheMessyProject. Does this picture ring a bell?

I miss being tan.... *sigh*
Well ladies, I've hopped aboard #TheMessyProject bandwagon again for round 5, and boy did the mastermind behind this fun project, Kelly, have a challenge in store for us!

If you've never heard of #TheMessyProject before, here's a little info for ya...

The Deal:
1 Top
5 Girls
5 Different Looks
1 Major Blog Post Day

But this month, there was a twist....

Kelly didn't send us a top, she sent us these crazy fun sequined SHORTS!

Like our Charlie Brown Christmas tree?? It was literally 20 degrees outside so I opted for a cheesetastic indoor photo sesh.
Let me be honest for point two seconds. I panicked when I opened these shorts. I mean, I live in Michigan and it's November! What's a Michigander supposed to do with shorts in November!? But, after a reassuring e-mail from The Messy Girl herself, I pumped myself up to pull together a fun outfit for all of those holiday parties that are just around the corner.

I was really annoyed with Justin at this point in the photo shoot, as you can tell by my fake smile...
I paired my sequined shorts with a blush colored blazer from Forever 21 and a cream camisole I bought years ago at American Eagle. Since Winter is knocking on our front door here in Michigan, I threw on a pair of tights to cover my bare (and super pale) legs and a pair of tall, heeled boots.

For me and my personal style, these shorts are a statement piece, so I was pretty minimal with my accessories. I added my tortoise shell Fossil watch, gold renegade cluster Stella&Dot bracelet, and a vintage gold and pearl wrap bracelet I found at an antique shop in Northern Michigan this past summer. 

These sequined shorts definitely put me outside of my comfort zone. They're not something I would pick out for myself, especially this time of the year, but sometimes it's good to step out of that comfort zone and have some fun!

So, what do you think about these festive sequined shorts for the holidays? Want to see what the other girls did with their shorts? Check them out below!

and the mastermind of #TheMessyProject...

P.S. KELLY! You should be proud of my THIRD DAY HAIR in these pictures! I know that's nothing for you, but believe me.... it's a miracle that I could even wear my hair down without looking like a greaseball! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Yesterday, while reading up on some of my favorite bloggers, I came across this fun post of firsts by Ashley over at Run With Me. It's like the good ol' "If You Really Knew Me" posts, but with a twist. So, shall we get started???

1. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning.
You should know I absolutely hate the morning. This is why the first thing I do in the morning is hit my snooze button over and over again until I stumble out of bed and pull myself together.

2. First thing you reach for when you open the fridge.
Lately? String cheese. Or water. That's so exciting, I know...

3. First thing you do when you go to the gym.
Throw myself on the closest elliptical/bike/treadmill before I come to my senses and walk right back out. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym...

4. First thing you do when you get home from work.
Throw myself down on the couch, but not before I get into some sweatpants. Sometimes I work out right away, but most of the time that happens after I've vegged on the couch for a couple hours and stuffed my face with white cheddar popcorn. Guilt always gets the best of me...

5. First car.
A 2002 black Dodge Stratus. The Stratus and I went through a lot together, but after replacing the transmission and two struts plus a couple flat tires, a broken blower fan, and several dead batteries in the middle of winter, it was time to trade her in. You'll never be forgotten, Strat.
Not my actual car, but this is what the old girl looked like. Oh the memories...

6. First car accident/ traffic violation.
When I was 17, I slid on black ice into the back of a mail truck. The mail truck was stopped and I was going literally 5 mph, so no one was hurt except for the Stratus. It was terrifying as a young driver, but looking back, it's just down right embarrassing. 

7. First thing you wanted to be when you grew up.
As a preschooler, I aspired to great things. At my preschool graduation, I proud exclaimed that when I grew up, I wanted to be a Taco Bell worker. I can't say I've landed my dream job at the infamous fast food restaurant, but I'm doing pretty good for myself as a Social Worker.

8. First beverage of choice.
Water. I'm obsessed. And soooooo wild!

9. First choice breakfast.
Greek yogurt. Black cherry is my preferred flavor, but I don't discriminate. You'll find me every morning at 8:05, sitting at my desk, staring mindlessly out the window, eating my greek yogurt. I can't live without it.

10. First choice dessert.
Warm apple pie with ice cream. Preferably a Dutch apple pie. I'm a sucker for the crumbly topping.
The delicious Dutch apple pie I made earlier this fall

11. First song that comes to mind.
Hilarious. This has been stuck in my head for a week straight. I even caught myself humming to it yesterday at work.

12. First major purchase
Club Fusion. I feel like a car is a lot of people's first major purchase. I mean, they do cost an arm and twelve legs.

13. First job.
I worked as a receptionist at a salon in my hometown. My cousin and I worked the front desk the same nights every week. It's probably the reason why our bosses quickly began to hate us. We we're quite annoying...but always so much fun!

14. First time you flew on a plane.
I honestly can't remember the very first time, but the first time I remember flying on a plane was when I was just a little one on my way to Disney World. The happiest place on earth!

What are your firsts?

Ladies, one more very important thing before we call it a day. You may remember this post from back in July when I was part of the first ever Messy Project. Well, I'm part of it again! Come back tomorrow for the big reveal of the November Messy Project! You won't regret it...

Monday, November 26, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Now that Thanksgiving is over and gone, I can be open with my obsession with the Christmas season and all it entails without being shunned by family and friends. If I had it my way, we would be living the Christmas dream 365 days a year. But since no one has made me Queen of the World (not yet, anyways), I have to be okay with busting out as much Christmas cheer as possible in the month of December. In honor of the holiday season, grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy my list of My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition...

Christmas Decorations

There's nothing I love more than a lit Christmas tree and some festive decorations. This pictures above are from last Christmas, but don't worry, this year our tiny apartment is looking just as festive! Our Christmas tree is a little bit on the Charlie Brown side, but the thing has character.

The First Snowfall

Again, another picture from last year. Technically, we had our first snowfall this past Friday, but in my opinion, if it doesn't cover the ground, it doesn't count. Now, don't confuse me for a snow lover, because that I am not. I just love the first snowfall, when all the trees and the ground is covered in sparkly, white snow. Once it gets all brown and nasty, I'm over it.

Hallmark Christmas Movies

I'm a sucker for cheesetastic Hallmark Christmas movies. In fact, I watched three of them yesterday. Who cares that you know exactly how they're going to end, nothing is better than a weekend filled with Hallmark Christmas movies!


I could say Christmas movies in general, but Elf deserves its own category. I could watch this movie every day. My love combined love for Christmas and Will Ferrell puts Elf at the top of my list. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Sugar Cookies

Enough said....

What makes your Favorite Things: Christmas Edition list? Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY: Makeup Removing Face Wipes

Pinterest over did itself once again. When I found a DIY project for makeup remover wipes, I knew I had to try it.

Before I get into the ins and outs of this easy project, can we please talk about skin care? I know there are days (or shall we say nights) when the last thing you want to do is wash your face before bed. Believe me, I know! But do you know how important it is? Not only will it save your pillows from the wrath of your makeup but it will save your skin from breakouts and early aging! While you're sleeping, your skin is working overtime to repair itself, but how is it going to do that if you still have your makeup, dirt, and oil from the day clogging your pores! So do your skin a favor and take that make up off every night. If you're like me, once you get in the habit of taking your makeup off nightly, you won't be able to go to sleep without doing it.

One of my favorite ways to take my makeup off is by using makeup removing face wipes because it's easy and quick! But have you ever noticed how expensive face wipes are?! My personal favorite was the Olay Cleansing Cloths for sensitive skin and they run upwards of $10 a pack (depending on where you buy them).

How would you like to make your own super cheap and super amazing makeup removing wipes? Oh, well perfect because I can tell you how! (Go ahead, thank me endlessly in the comments....jokes).

Here's what you need:
*1 roll of paper towel, cut into thirds
*3 cups of warm water
*1-2 tbsp of coconut oil
*Some type of container to keep your wipes in, I used tupperware similar to the one pictured above

Cut off one third of the paper towel roll and place it in your container. Mix the water and coconut oil together and pour into the middle of the paper towel roll. Put the lid on your container and tip upside down to evenly distribute the mixture. The cardboard tube in the middle should be loose enough to pull out at this point. Let the wipes sit for a couple hours before you use them to allow the paper towel to soak up the mixture, and voila! You're ready to take off your makeup!

Coconut oil is amazing for taking off makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara. It's also a natural antibiotic and soother so it's perfect and gentle enough for both sensitive and acne-prone skin. There's no need to rinse your face after using the face wipes. The coconut oil will leave your skin super soft and moisturized! I usually smooth a little more coconut oil over my face afterwards because my skin is super dry.

So do your skin, and your wallet, a favor and get on these DIY makeup removing face wipes. You can thank me later...

**All you mommas out there, you can use this same recipe to make baby wipes! Just add a couple squirts of baby soap. You have an all-natural wipe for your bundle of joy and you're saving yourself some serious dough!**

Monday, November 19, 2012

Boyfriend Brownies

Happy Monday, ladies! This blondie is oh so happy for a two day work week! And then it's on to food, family, friends, and shopping!

So, I've been on a bit of a Pinterest pinning spree. It's become an addiction really. I should probably seek professional help. But while pin-binging, I came across this delightful picture...

Ladies, feast your eyes on the Boyfriend Brownie (also known as the Brookster, I personally like Boyfriend Brownie better). I knew right away that this amazing concoction of a chocolate chip cookie nestled in a brownie would be heaven on my taste buds, so I clicked the link looking for the recipe. You could imagine my disappointment when the link took me to the Williams-Sonoma website. Buy an almost $20 mix to make these gems.... yeah, no thanks! So I took to the kitchen and brought out my Martha Stewart side.

And when I say my Martha Stewart side, I really mean I grabbed a box of brownie mix out of a cupboard and some Nestle Toll-house cookie dough out of the fridge.

I'm not lying when I say this is the EASIEST recipe everrrrr! Put in a greased cupcake tin one scoop of brownie batter and one scoop of cookie dough. Bake for 11-12 minutes at 350 degrees, and viola! You have yourself some delicious Boyfriend Brownies!

So, mine didn't turn out as perfect as the picture on Pinterest, but I can promise they were unbelievably delicious!
These would be the perfect dessert to bring to a holiday party, cookie exchange, or let's be honest...the perfect snack while watching a cheese-tastic Hallmark Christmas movie. I'll be making these to bring to Justin's family Thanksgiving.

What is your favorite non-traditional holiday dessert?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When I Grow Up....

I've always had three passions in life. Social work, children..... and esthiology. I know, I know. Weird combination. Social work doesn't exactly go with skin care and makeup artistry, but what can I say...

I've mentioned before that my first three jobs were in salons as a receptionist. I'll be honest, my main pull towards working in salons was the fact that you get salon services done for free, and for a hair color junkie like myself, that's like heaven on earth. But I also really enjoyed learning about cosmotology and esthiology. I probably would have gone to school to be a hair stylist after high school if I wasn't afraid of butchering someone's locks.

All of this to say, after a lot of thinking and talking to Justin and my fabulous hair stylist/cousin Cara, I'm seriously thinking about going to esthetician school. It's not something that I would be able to jump into right now. With our wedding less than a year away, I need to be saving all of the money I can! But it's definitely something I will be looking into after we get married.

I absolutely love social work, but if I'm looking way into my future, it's not something I want to do once Justin and I start having children. Social work careers take up a lot of your time and energy, and if at all possible, I want to be a stay-at-home mom when my children are young. But let's be honest, this day and age, being a stay-at-home mom, for most families, is financially impossible, and I'm more than willing to help out if needed. Being an esthetician would allow me more flexibility than a social work job would.

So you never know ladies, in a couple years I could be giving you facials or doing your makeup and working my social work magic on you at the same time!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinning is Winning

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It's be WAY too long since I last linked up with Michelle for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday.

Barf! That brings me back to my horrid Catholic School days. The most troubling 3 years of my life. (My apologies to any of you who are Catholic...)

But let's get serious, it really has been waaaayyyyy too long since I last took part in my absolute favorite link-up. So without further adeiu....

I could lay on this couch all day

Gold-dipped vase

Glitterized booties? Okay!

My dream nugget...sigh!

Pretty pretty

More pretty pretty

This would go perfectly with my first pin!

Love this peterpan collar! I could do without the fuzzy sweater part...

I need metallic nails

Just in time for the holidays!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trouble In Paradise

You guys, something serious happened this weekend. A serious ripple in the smooth ocean that is mine and Justin's relationship. You would think that after almost three years together, we would know a lot about each other, but apparently, that's not the case. Let me set up the scene for you all...

Friday night, Justin and I went to listen to a concert that his brother was playing at. On the way home, I started flipping through some radio stations when I remembered something that makes me oh so happy. I'm sure we all have those local radio stations that start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. For some people, that's like Hell on earth. Well, I happen to absolutely love Christmas music. I could listen to it all year round!

So, of course, I flip to the Christmas radio station and am just overcome with happiness. You have to be heartless to not feel that immense joy when you hear a great Christmas tune....

Unfortunately, my fiance is a heartless grinch!

I can tell he's staring at me out of the corner of my eye, and when I turn to look at him, expecting to see hearts and unicorns in his eyes, all I see is disbelief and annoyance. These words came out of his mouth:

"You're one of those people?"

Umm excuse me? Those people? Yes, actually, I am one of those people, and proud of it! And why does he not know this about me? We've spent two Christmases together already!

After explaining my love of Christmas music and the holiday season and why I think it should be celebrated year round, he has the nerve to say this:

"I just don't think I can get past this. I'm not sure how we're going to move forward. We need to seek professional help."

Professional help? Maybe he should just grow a heart!

But ladies, I have good news. They always say there's a rainbow after the storm, and whoever "they" is was right. Since Justin is the best fiance and always gives me what I want, he let me listen to Christmas music several times over the weekend. I think he's finally coming around on the joyousness that is the holidays! I guess he does have a heart after all...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Engagement Pictures Are In!

It's Monday morning and I'm still in bed. Ahh, the perks of working for the county! While laying here, soaking up the down time, I've been giving myself a little bloggie peptalk. I've been slacking on blogging for quite some time, but my time away has been great for inspiration. With that being said, Yours Truly is officially back full-force. And in order to celebrate properly, all Yours Truly ad spaces are FREE with the promo code i'mback. Yes, you read that right allllllll ad spaces. So get your free ad while the promo code is available!

Moving on to, in my opinion, better things...

Our engagement pictures came in late last week! Justin and I have had time to look them over several times, and the consensus.... I hate most of them! It wasn't that our photographer didn't do a good job, because she's great. It's the fact that a) I'm not very photogenic and b) It was windier than windy that day which meant that my hair was everywhere, which also means that my HUGE forehead, aka my fivehead, was gleaming for the world to see. But I shouldn't be too dramatic. We did get over 40 pictures that I like. And Justin said we can get more pictures done in the Spring, which I was secretly already planning anyways!

Here are some of our favorites. And when I say ours, I mean mine...

Justin is really embarrassed by this one and refused to let me put it up on my personal Facebook. Sooo, I put it up on my blog instead! None of his friends read this anyways...
This picture just captures our relationship. Definitely one of my faves.

In other news, I'm going back to my blondie self on Wednesday. Buh-bye dark ombre. You were a fun change, but I'm a blonde at heart.

Happy Monday, ladies! And don't forget to snag your free ad space!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas Wish List

News Flash! It's November which means it's almost my favorite time of the year... CHRISTMAS! So naturally, I've already been making my Christmas wish list. You better believe I've been sending JB some ideas, like this gorgeous Michael Kors watch that I posted about yesterday.

Some other items on my Christmas wish list:

Tiffany & Co Smart Wallet {here}
Just some items, to name a few :)

What is on your Christmas wish list?