Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY: Makeup Removing Face Wipes

Pinterest over did itself once again. When I found a DIY project for makeup remover wipes, I knew I had to try it.

Before I get into the ins and outs of this easy project, can we please talk about skin care? I know there are days (or shall we say nights) when the last thing you want to do is wash your face before bed. Believe me, I know! But do you know how important it is? Not only will it save your pillows from the wrath of your makeup but it will save your skin from breakouts and early aging! While you're sleeping, your skin is working overtime to repair itself, but how is it going to do that if you still have your makeup, dirt, and oil from the day clogging your pores! So do your skin a favor and take that make up off every night. If you're like me, once you get in the habit of taking your makeup off nightly, you won't be able to go to sleep without doing it.

One of my favorite ways to take my makeup off is by using makeup removing face wipes because it's easy and quick! But have you ever noticed how expensive face wipes are?! My personal favorite was the Olay Cleansing Cloths for sensitive skin and they run upwards of $10 a pack (depending on where you buy them).

How would you like to make your own super cheap and super amazing makeup removing wipes? Oh, well perfect because I can tell you how! (Go ahead, thank me endlessly in the comments....jokes).

Here's what you need:
*1 roll of paper towel, cut into thirds
*3 cups of warm water
*1-2 tbsp of coconut oil
*Some type of container to keep your wipes in, I used tupperware similar to the one pictured above

Cut off one third of the paper towel roll and place it in your container. Mix the water and coconut oil together and pour into the middle of the paper towel roll. Put the lid on your container and tip upside down to evenly distribute the mixture. The cardboard tube in the middle should be loose enough to pull out at this point. Let the wipes sit for a couple hours before you use them to allow the paper towel to soak up the mixture, and voila! You're ready to take off your makeup!

Coconut oil is amazing for taking off makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara. It's also a natural antibiotic and soother so it's perfect and gentle enough for both sensitive and acne-prone skin. There's no need to rinse your face after using the face wipes. The coconut oil will leave your skin super soft and moisturized! I usually smooth a little more coconut oil over my face afterwards because my skin is super dry.

So do your skin, and your wallet, a favor and get on these DIY makeup removing face wipes. You can thank me later...

**All you mommas out there, you can use this same recipe to make baby wipes! Just add a couple squirts of baby soap. You have an all-natural wipe for your bundle of joy and you're saving yourself some serious dough!**


lesley: the dream tree said...

cool, i may have to try these. i always use wipes too, but get them at marshall's or ross because they are only around $5 instead of $10. you should try there next time you're in need.

Rebekah said...

I'm bad about taking my makeup off at night out of laziness. I've always loved the idea of these wipes but don't want to cough up that kind of money for the store bought ones! I'll have to try this! Thank you!!

How did you cut your roll of paper towels?

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

That's awesome - I need to try this!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

amber.m said...

I've actually been wanting to try these and just haven't gotten around to it yet!!

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Sorry about the really long comment, I didn't mean for this to be one of those "come see my blog! It's awesome" kind of comments. I just got excited to see this! I totally need to get around to making some!! I have paper towels and coconut oil!

Helene said...

this is awesome!! seriously!

Leanne @ Simply Beautiful said...

This looks genius! And soo easy to try. Thanks for sharing! :)

PS - Thank you again for your Favorite Things giveaway treats. I loved them all!

PSS - Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)