Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

FINALLY! One of my most favorite Friday link-ups is back! Ms. Lindsey, better known as The Bargain Blonde, has been super busy with her big move and new job, but she's back this week to bring us Friday Favorites! Join Lindsey, myself, and a million other bloggers and link-up.


{favorite all natural product}
Coconut Oil. Anyone else hopped on the coconut oil bandwagon? My lovely mother bought some and begged me to try it. So naturally, I did. Amazeballs. There are so many ways to use coconut oil. It's a great moisturizer. Warm some up in your hands and spread it all over your skin when you step out of the shower and you are guaranteed to have baby soft skin all day long. And while you're at it, spread a tiny amount over your face. My face has been out.of.control lately. The stress of leaving my old job and starting a new one has left my face red, splotchy, and a little broken out. After one application of coconut oil, I noticed the redness lessen and those tiny zits were gone. You can also use a small amount of coconut oil in your hair after you style it to keep the frizz away. Seriously ladies, google this shiz and you will find a million and one ways to use this bad boy!

{favorite snack}
Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn. This stuff is like crack. I'm eating some the entire bag as I'm writing this. And a plus, it isn't terrible for you! Although, I eat way more than the serving size so health is completely out the window...

{favorite pastime}
Pinteresting for Justin's closet makeover. Listen, I think my man looks amazing in sweats and a hoodie,  but the boy needs some options. Over the past two and a half years I've slowly been introducing him to the world of fashion, but I think it's time for some culture shock. J needs to be thrown into the fashion world  full force. So, in preparation for that day, I've been getting some ideas via Pinterest. He'll be looking fine in no time!

{favorite beauty secret}
Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. And when I say it's a secret, it's because no one sees me with a pore strip on except for my cat. Well, and Justin, but that's just me preparing him for life once we're married. If you wear makeup almost every day like myself, the harsh truth is that our pores get clogged with all that makeup! So do your skin a favor. Wash your face every night before bed and throw on a pore strip every once in a while!

{favorite quote}
I stumbled across this quote while wasting time (what's new) on Pinterest. It was a great reminder for me during this transition I've been going through. I think it's something that can speak to us all during the trials and tribulations of life. 

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope you all have an amazing weekend.


Jenna said...

I have GOT to try the coconut oil!! And that popcorn is MY FAVORITE snack!!! Yummmmyyy!!! Have a great weekend! :)

J and A said...

LOVE this quote. I also love coconut oil, great substitute for cooking too! I cannot eat that popcorn otherwise I won't stop. Popcorn in general. Happy weekend!!

Helene said...

found you through Friday Favorites. LOVE your blog!! (newest follower) I love smartfood popcorn! and biore strips... I need to do those!

Stephanie said...

I've never heard of this cocoanut oil that you speak of. My face has also been out of control lately for absolutely no reason. I'll try anything. I'm almost embarrassed to ask this, especially where I know people can see, but where can I find this?

Kris Tin said...

I'm obsessed with Biore pore strips.

Natalie Hames said...

That popcorn is addicting! I've been eating it at work all week! And I definitely need to try the biore pore strips, i got the CVS version couple weeks ago and they just didn't cut it!

Found ya via Friday Faves!


Jessi Fuller said...

Love the quote! I must pin that for later because it is perfect for my life right now! Thanks for sharing...found ya via Friday Faves!