Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week in Review via Instagram

In honor of Instagram being down, here's a peek of the past week via Instagram. If you're not following me yet, get on it! My name is jenna__anne (two underscores)

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! Time for my date with the pool.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet My Sponsors - Jazmine

Meet Jazmine! Another one of my first blog friends. This young mama is super cute and super sweet. Jazmine has gorgeous hair (this is me being super jealous) and lucky for us ladies, she's going to share with us some of her hair secrets! I'll let her introduce herself to y'all, but you best go and show her some love!

Hi dolls, I'm Jazmine and I blog over at "Life As A Young Mom". I'm a wife, mommy to two beautiful little boys and a fur momma to a chihuahua name "Bonecrusher" (don't judge me on the name) lol. I'm a full time worker and student working on my bachelor's degree for Healthcare Management. I should be done by summer of 2014. I love to cook, bake, read, SHOP, and of course spend time with my boys, family and friends. 

I'm super excited to be on Jenna's blog today. Today's post is going to be about HAIR!!! A lot of the times I get asked "what do you use as far as hair products?".

I'm a natural brunette and I have natural curly hair. I hate my curls so I'm constantly straightening my hair and of course we all know that the flat irons, curling irons etc.. can dry and damage your hair horribly.

So here are my hair products that I use to keep my hair nice pretty (I'm not conceded trust me lol).

I love volume in my hair because after I had my second my son my hair went flat. My thick hair was gone. So I decided to use volumizer and this works. I love it. I don't use any other products besides this since I use the hair coloring from this product line as well.


Now after I wash my hair I like to blow dry so I use the "HI-RISE BOOSTER". I spray this while hair is wet and then I blow dry it. Then before I use the flat iron I spray the "Sleek & Shine Flat Iron" spray LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Seriously helps my hair from getting damaged.
Last I spray the "Glossing Spray" on the palm of my hands and rub it and just brush my hair with my fingers and it makes your hair shine.

So that right there my friends is the way I keep my hair nice and glossy.
Hope you enjoyed my tips on how I keep my hair from damaging.

You can find me here:
Twitter | Facebook | Hellocotton | Bloglovin | Instagram: @mrsjazmine88

Friday's Letters

It's true. I am a compulsive shopper. And I did it again. Last night, I took the plunge and bought the Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster bracelet that I've had my eye on.
{via}'s too pretty to not have a place on my wrist. Good thing today is PAYDAY!!

And now on to... FRIDAY'S LETTERS!

Dear Jenna, why have you been so lazy lately? You haven't worked out in a week! You were doing so good at running four days a week and the whole resting while your calves heal excuse is long gone. Get your butt moving, and fast! Dear Supervisors, the e-mail you sent me today thanking me for all of my hard work made my day. It's so nice knowing your appreciated and gives me the drive to work even harder. Dear Certain Co-Worker, Why you all up in my business, yo? I don't appreciate it when you interrupt my conversation with my co-teacher about a child in our class, not yours, by putting in your two sense that I never asked for. And why are you always trying to get me to tell you confidential information? Good thing I have Friday's Letters to vent about you! Dear Pool, I am excited to have a date with you all weekend. And my skin is excited to have a date with the sun. Dear Grandma, Thank you for completely forgetting my birthday back in April but calling my sister on her's. I work so hard to be your favorite grandchild and this is how you repay me?! Jessica's not even a good granddaughter! Dear Justin, Thank you for giving me a back massage every time we hang out (that's not an exaggeration). I'm pretty sure any normal human being would be so annoyed with me, because who likes to give back massage after back massage? But you agree without hesitation. You spoil me.

Happy Friday, ladies! Enjoy your well deserved weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet My Sponsors - Beth

Meet Beth! Beth was one of my first blogging friends and I am so excited to have her as a sponsor. You can find her over at The Life of Bee so go give her some love!

Hi ya’ll!  I’m so excited to be doing my very first sponsorship with Jenna!  I’m Beth, otherwise known as Bee.  I’m a 26 year old college graduate with a degree in Marketing.  I’m now working towards getting a teaching certification in early childhood education.  I’m living at home with my parents and the only man in my life is my American Bulldog, Gunny.  I’m obsessed with coffee and cocktails.  I have too many loves to mention but they’re always discussed on my blog!

The Life of Bee is a random mish-mash, much like my brain.  I share my thoughts and opinions, recipes, reviews, and my favorite things.  I sometimes talk about my dating life but not too much as it's almost non-existent.  I also love a good link up now and then.  Come stop by and get to know me!  I love new friends.

Men Are From Mars

Seriously, they really are from Mars. Or some other random planet. Let's be honest, men are so weird. Don't you ever wonder what is going on inside their head? Or maybe what's not?

Yesterday, I got hit on by three men at the gas station. I'm not saying this to brag, because they really weren't the type to brag all. It's really just the intro to this story. The three homeboys were arguing about who was going to put gas in my car. (They must not have noticed that I was done pumping gas at this point) And then came the compliments. Not normal compliments, but the type you get from guys that run all together like one big word. You know, "ohyoujustagoodlookingirlneedsomeonetopumpyourgasforyouniceoutfithaveyourselfafineeveningbeautiful." Huh? First of all, this man was obviously saying whatever came to his mind because he was lying. I did not have a nice outfit on. In fact, I had on raggedy ol gym shorts and some $1 flip flops after spending a majority of my day at the spray park with 8 toddlers. Secondly, what did you just say? Men these days don't know how to communicate with the female population.

So in honor of this event, I've decided to make a list of male related issues that really just boggle my mind. Feel free to add your own, because we all know the list has the potential to be endless.

1. What's up with sagging pants?

Why are you even wearing pants? Seems like you're just wasting (hopefully) clean clothing since you're not even covering your ass. It's apparent that men do not have a clue that pant sagging started in the prisons as a way of letting other men know you're available. Boink boink. I try to tell my brother this on the daily, but I just get the whole "whatever" response.

2. Holey socks

Again, what's the point in wearing an article of clothing that is not even serving its purpose? I just made Justin buy new socks because he didn't own a single sock that didn't have at least three holes. I don't understand how that's even comfortable!

3.Wait, you don't like to shop???
Is this even humanly possible? Justin gets stressed out just walking into a store. I'm the complete opposite. The minute I walk into those doors, it's like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. If you didn't think men are aliens from another galaxy before, this point should really change your mind.

4. You're wearing the same underwear for the second day in a row...willingly?

I can't wrap my mind around this concept. Men who don't have women like us to keep their cleanliness in check don't seem to mind wearing dirty undergarments day after day. Oh, I just turn them inside out and it's like a clean pair of underwear! it's not. That's disgusting. Wash your drawers, bucko.

5. Socks with sandals...

What is it in a man's brain that makes them put on a pair of socks, slip their feet into some sandals and say "Yup, that looks good." No! You don't look good! It's hideous!

6. Oh, you're dying of the common cold? Dramatic much?

Men come down with a cold? They're in bed moaning and groaning like they've just been hit with pneumonia. Cough, cough, mehhhh (sniff, sniff). Us women come down with the common cold and they're still yelling at us to make them a sandwich!

And the list goes on...

But I'm really not a man basher. I actually find myself extremely lucky to have a guy like Justin in my life. As much as men can get under our skin and annoy the living daylights out of us, they can be pretty great. They can make us laugh until we cry, feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, and fill our hearts with a whole lot of happiness. Even though men are from another planet, I guess they can stay here in our world...

Happy Thursday, lovelies!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet My Sponsors - Paige

Day three of meeting my lovely new sponsors! Meet Paige! I would give you a whole introduction, but she covers it below. Make sure to stop by her blog and show her some love. And don't forget to congratulate her on her (very) new marriage!


  Hi, Yours Truly readers!
I’m Paige and I’m 21 years old and from Tennessee. I’m in nursing school and I’ll graduate with my bachelor degree in a little over a year. I’m super excited although I don’t really know what I want to do with my degree yet. I may want to work in a psychiatric hospital because psychology has always been interesting to me. I also think I’d be great as a case manager. I love to help people and hear their stories. One of my most rewarding moments as a student nurse was when one of my patients told me I had a calming presence and I made him feel like things were alright. That moment nearly brought me to tears and has definitely defined my life. Since then, I try to be a calming presence and the voice of reason to those around me.
In my spare time when I’m not studying or blogging, I like to make my own jewelry, read, watch tv and movies and try new food, and spend time with family and my husband, Cody.  Oh, and of course, shop like every other girl.
I started making my own jewelry because I’m really picky about what I buy and I can’t wear bracelets from a store because my wrists are too small and I need a creative outlet or I drive myself crazy. It’s my stress relief.

My favorite types of books are dystopian books (think Hunger Games) because they show what our society could look like in the future.  I also have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, although it’s tamed with the lack of new books. Seriously, I could probably rattle off way too many facts you wouldn’t care about.
As for tv, my favorite shows growing up were Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls. Like with Harry Potter, I know wayyy too much about Buffy and could bore you to tears. My current favorites are True Blood, Teen Mom, Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy (hellooo Jax!). My husband is to blame for the last two.
Speaking of my husband, we got married this summer on May 14th. We eloped in the Great Smokey Mountains (Gatlinburg to be exact.) It was perfect and beautiful, even though it rained. We got married after only knowing each other for 11 months and it was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. He’s currently in the army and going to business school, so you’ll see me around a lot when he has his drill weekends because I get so bored!

Paige and Cody 

Anyway, I blog over at Eloping Stethoscope where you can find me talking about newlywed life, crafts that I try, new recipes, books and movies and a ton of other random things. I love to meet new people so stop by and say hello!
You can also find me here:
Blog Lovin’|Twitter|Pinterest|Facebook

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

It's that time of the week again. Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!! Link up with Michelle to join the fun!

{This is absolutely adorable}

{I could sleep here every night}

{Where can I find this?!?}

{Love the ruffle burlap bed skirt}

{DIY button heart canvas}

{I have a thing for scarves and boots}

{Lace trim shorts}

{Cute DIY bookshelf}

{We all know the type...}

{I could see myself cruising the street on this bad boy}

And before I go...

Who else will be joining me by participating in Photo A Day July?? If you're following me on Instagram, be prepared! And if you're not following me on Instagram? Well, you best start! Follow me at jenna__anne (two underscores!)

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet My Sponsors - Joanna

Happy Tuesday, ladies! Today, I have a real treat for you. Meet Joanna! When I received an e-mail from this lovely fashionista about being interested in sponsoring my blog, I was beyond honored! I've only been blogging since the end of April, and the fact that someone like Joanna would want to sponsor my little 'ol blog was the biggest compliment. So without further ado, I'll let Joanna introduce herself (and her amazing wardrobe that I wish I had access to).

Hey guys! I'm Joanna from ModaMama, and the first thing I should say is that I totally suck at writing introductions.  It's such an awkward concept for me to write to you trying to say,"  Hey, here's what I do.  Here's how cool I am."  Mostly 'cause I'm sooo not cool.  I'm an actor, sci-fi nerc, drama geek who acts and host a tv show for a living, plays with swords (I do kung fu) and gets all giggle over a ruffled dress.  See?  So not cool.  I'd say I'm the opposite of cool, except that would be hot, and that would just be awkward.  So....anyway, yup. *awkward pause*  Howdy, do!

I guess what's relevant is that ModaMama is my own personal style blog.  It's where I play, and dress up, and feel like it's for some special reason other than going to playgroup.  And yes, I have worn a maxi leopard print dress to play group, why do you ask?

Trust me, that got some looks, but I'm used to it *have I mentioned the not-cool thing?*  So yeah, I basically use you guys as my huge excuse to get dressed up, spend whatever disposable income I have on clothes, and take pictures, lots of pictures.  But may I say, that my readers are such a wonderful excuse indeed!

Sometimes I also go to things like film premieres and theatre galas, and I take pictures of what I wear to that too.

I jump at any chance to dress up because really, where else are you going to where this jumper?  In all honesty though, I'd really wear that to a coffee date too. I'm kind of weird that way.  I like to dress up and be as glamorous as possible.  You only go around once right?

But mostly, and if you stop by you'll see this a lot, I wear dress, after dress, after dress.  I really haven't met a dress I haven't liked yet.

Oh, but I should warn you.  If you stop by, you'll get a lot of "sassy sarcasm" as one reader put it, and mostly about this little diva and her Papa.

Thanks for reading!  Hope to see you over at ModaMama!

Happy Birthday Sister Sue

You know what one of my pet peeves is? When people give "shout outs" to other people who will never see said shout out. You know what I'm talking about. Someone posts on Twitter, "Shout out to my grandma for making the sickest pie ever. Love you grams!" PRETTY sure your Grandma isn't on Twitter and she's never going to see that.

Well, I'm going to be that person. It's my sissy poo, Jessica's 22nd birthday today, and even though she doesn't read my blog, I'm still going to dedicate this post to her. (And yes, her name really is Jessica Simpson). Noice Jenna, noice.

The day after Jess was born
I was bald until I was 1. Don't make fun.

One of my favorite pictures of Jessica and Joshua

Taking it back to our Catholic School days

Awkwarddd. At Atlantis in The Bahamas
Sibling Irish jig

Last night, my mom and I met Jess and her boyfriend for dinner and wine in Downtown Ann Arbor. These two crack me up.

That's a sweet potato fry mustache

In honor of the Birthday Girl, here are some fun facts about her growing up:

1. She used to chase me around the house with her mouth wide open, trying to bite me. I remember squeezing between the couch and the wall just trying to stay away from her.

2. She had a weird obsessed with germs. No one could touch her food. And if they did, she would refuse to eat it.

3. She also had a weird thing about not wanting to share. I clearly remember a situation in which she had one Oreo left...the only Oreo! She wasn't eating it, so I asked if I could have it. She didn't want it, but she also didn't want me to have it. So what did she do? She licked the entire thing. And then threw it away.

4. Once, my sister was home alone with my brother, who was about 6 at the time. Someone walked into our house yelling "Hello". Instead of being the big sister and checking to see who walked into the house, she crawled out the backdoor, leaving Joshua alone in the house with the strangers. Turns out it was just some Nuns...which is weird in of itself.

5. My mom called her Helen Keller because she never brushed her hair. I still don't get that one, but whatever.

6. She had dreads.

It's crazy to think that my sister is 22! Even though we're (exactly) 14 months apart, it still makes me feel so old. I'm going to have gray hair before I know it...