Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week in Instagram

I hope you all had a great week and a great weekend! Sunday nights are always a little depressing, but it's a perfect time to review the previous week in pictures! Follow me on Instagram! You can find me at jenna__anne (that's two underscores!)

Pool day with some family and lots of pineapple for Memorial Day! That first picture is of my uncle's palm tree that he is so proud of. He talked about it at least twelve times while I was there.

I absolutely love when my kiddos cling to me, but it breaks my heart when I know there is a reason behind it. It was a rough week at the daycare. I will never understand parents who abuse and neglect their children. Unfortunately, I see that a lot with the kids I work with. But that's why I have a passion for at-risk youth. All the more reason to love on them!

This bundle of preciousness said my name for the first time ever this week. It filled my heart with so much happiness! Dang, I'm so obsessed with my babies!

I love my running shoes. 

The places you'll find babies. So strange.

J took me to the driving range for the very first time. I obviously was a natural. I mean, look at me! More about this lovely adventure in tomorrow's post!

xoxo, J


Jazmine @ Life As A Young Mom said...

I don’t understand how parents can do that to their children. They’re innocent kids. But some people are just selfish and could care less. But with you giving them love and caring for them that will give them a little hope for the future.

Erin said...

Looking like a true pro over there! I used to work at a daycare too (I'm prtty sure I've told you this) and there's nothing like having your own set of babies to love on. You get so attached to them since you're basically with them for 3/4 of your day. They're all so cute!