Thursday, June 14, 2012

Golden Silk in a Bottle: Product Review

A couple weeks ago Raven shared some of her Friday Favorites with all of us in Bloggerville. The first on her list? Dove Nourishing Oil Hair Therapy Detangler. Knowing myself, I was immediately sucked into her review because I can never say no to a good hair product. The next time I was at Thee Best Place on Earth...otherwise known as Target, I picked some up. Enter Golden Silk in a Bottle:

 Oh.Em.Gee. (emphasis on the dramatics) This bottle of goodness did not disappoint. If Captain Obvious needs to point out the...well...obvious...this products is an oil conditioner/detangler. I know, the word oil probably scares you, but I basically spray half a bottle in my hair (over-exaggeration, obviously) and my hair is not the least bit oily.

It smells ah-mazing and it honestly makes my hair feel so soft. If I could take a picture of how soft it makes my hair, I would. But since I'm not sure how that is possible, let me try to explain. My hair feels like...

{Straight up silk}

{Those ultra soft baby blankets}

{A baby's bottom}
Okay, okay, you get the point. I also spray a little bit in my hair the second day after washing it, and again, softness galore! I've also noticed it's done wonders for my frizzy, wirey dog hair I get when it's humid as all get out. The more moisture in your hair equals less water your hair will be drinking up during the day which ultimately equals goodbye frizz! Now that's music to my ears. 

Best part about this product? It's only $5! Ladies, do yourself a favor and literally run to the nearest drugstore, Target, what-have-you, and buy yourself a bottle of this goodness. Your hair will thank you. And so will that guy romantically running his hands through your hair when his fingers aren't suddenly stopped by some gigantic knot. And then you will thank yourself because we all know how much it hurts to get your hair ripped out. And then you will thank me. You're Welcome!


Blue Dog Belle said...

hmmm... I may have to pick this up. Do you use it instead of conditioner? or in addition to?

xoxo, Emily

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Awesome review - I might have to pick up some of this and try it!! :)

julia rose said...

ok- i'm SOLDDD!!! i just bought some of redken's "so soft" spray in for this mess i call hair, but this sounds just as great! and soooo much better for my wallet! thanks gal :)

~Katie said...

Love Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, will definitely be checking this out!!

Adriane said...

oooh my this stuff seems great...and another excuse to take a trip to target? why not? =D

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Oh my goodness! I will have to try this. I'm glad that you said it didn't make your hair oily because the word oil would have scared me off. Thanks for the review!


LacyLouise said...

SO... I saw this on Ravens post, and then completely forgot about it until your post! I just picked it up at Target cant wait to shower and put it in my hair:)

A.D. Duling said...

I use the Dove detangler too and you are absolutely right, you could spray half that bottle on your hair and not oily. it is wonderful and less than $4 dollars. Congrats Dove not only is your soap awesom, now so is your detangler. Thanks for the great review on it:0)