Monday, June 4, 2012

Take Me Out to the... Driving Range

This past Saturday, Justin finally took me on a date to the driving range. We've been meaning to go for quite some time, but haven't been able to go. Justin loves golf (or anything athletic) but I've never played - putt-putt doesn't count! So I was anxious to get out there and learn to play real golf, so we can have another activity to do together. And let's be honest, I want him to take me to a golf course so I can drive the golf carts around!

To prepare for this big event, I reminisced about watching some of my favorite celebrity couples golf together. The first being Nick & Jessica. (Please, let's not talk about the fact that they're divorced because I'm still sensitive about it. I watched their show religiously. I was devastated when they decided to call it quits.)

And then there is my all time favorite celebrity couple. Giuliana and Bill! (I once made Justin watch a G&B marathon so we can work on being just like them.) But the "all powerful" world wide web let me down with this one. How is there absolutely no pictures or video clips of this?!? But if you're an avid G&B follower, you remember this episode!

I went into this whole thing hoping I was a natural. First swing, and it would be perfect. Well...not so much. Good thing I had a great teacher!


I was well prepared for the driving range. I walked into that place and everyone looked at me like danggg that girl is so athletic! I guess people don't know that real golfers wear skinny jeans and sandals. 

It was windier (yes, that's a word) than a tornado and I forgot to bring a bobby pin, hence the hot mess that is my hair. 


I mean, look at that form! It look's pretty similar to Tiger Woods', am I right?

Justin said I did great for my first time ever at the driving range, but I think he's supposed to say that. I think I sucked! I get really, really angry when I can't do something well from the very beginning; I need instant gratification. This is why I try to not participate in anything athletic. I'm super competitive deep down, but I hate that I'm not athletic! I had to refrain from throwing my clubs on the ground and shouting curse words across the driving range. And now I know why Justin get's so cranky when he doesn't do well after a round of golf!

I'm itching to get back to the driving range because it's driving me crazy that I'm not a natural! I'm not sure why I thought I would be a natural since there really isn't an athletic bone in my body, but I was hopeful.

It's necessary to get better so that whenever Justin takes me to a golf course, I can beat him. That will be the day! Is it too aggressive of me to practice in the front yard every day after work?

I can't wait until the day they ask me to compete in Masters.

xoxo, J


Haley W. said...

My dad and brother are golf fanatics, and they're both really good. Me...not so much. I've tried millions of times to play but I'm pretty sure I get worse every time I play..not better. Think it's time to call it quits..haha!

Your pictures are too cute!

claire said...

My boyfriends a golf pro, so I had to learn and I'm awful! I did convince him to get me pink golf clubs, though!

Erin said...

Hahahaha I love this. This is exactly what I look like. I thought I'd be so good at golf. I mean how hard is it to hit a god damn ball, really? But I whiffed it 9 out of 10 teims, made countless dirt patches in the grass, and realized that my eyes don't stay on the ball AT ALL, even when I scream that I know I'm watching it. Disaster. I just stick to wearing the cute golfer clothes and driving the cart around with a glass of champagne.

Ashley said...

Yes!!!! Excellent form!! :-)

Karolina said...

Looks like you had an excelent time! xo

BigLeagueBourt said...

The Jessica & Nick reminder just made me really sad. I remember watching that RELIGIOUSLY! That breakup may have wounded my thoughts on together forever..haha.
How fun is that date?! I am obsessed with the driving range & a little game my friend made up - Low Class Golf..He & I used to play in a local park- you pick targets & try to hit them. That game can get competitive (ugly) real quick.

Ashley said...

My husband has been wanting to take me to the driving range but I've been a little nervous to go; I think seeing you go is good motivation for me! And, I love that your wore skinny jeans- think I may have to do that too:)