Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Warning...THIS IS A RANT!

I've had something on mind that has been frustrating me lately. And what better place to rant (other than on the phone to Justin) than here in Bloggerville! If you don't feel like listening (a.k.a. reading) my angry rant, feel free to click on that red x...I won't be offended.

The topic for this rant: RESPONSIBILITY! What the h e double hockey sticks (remember when it was cool to say that back in second grade) has happened to responsibility and accountability these days? Yesterday's event put me over the top, hence my need to rant right now.
There is a three year old boy (sweetest thing you'll ever meet) in my class. I'll refer to him as Z. He has a rare genetic disease that has caused him to be delayed developmentally, so in the morning he goes to a Special Education class at a Head Start Program, and then we transport him to our school for the afternoon. Today, when the bus driver came flying up the driveway, I knew something was up. Z was bleeding profusely from the mouth and, when awake, looked like a zombie. According to what was told to our bus driver, Z fell off a slide at his other school and busted his lip.

Okay, sure, I can see how that happened, but there also is something else really wrong! Z was super delirious, not to mention the blood down his chin and on his shirt.

Like any normal human beings, my supervisor and I decided to call 911 immediately. The paramedics were there within minutes, since they're right down the road from the daycare. They tried to wake Z up...nothing. They were even lifting up his eyelids, shouting in his face (which also happened to be my face since I was holding him) and if that doesn't wake someone up, I don't know what does. Since he was breathing, but otherwise non-responsive, they concluded that he definitely had some type of head injury. My heart dropped to my stomach and I may or may not have gotten teary-eyed, especially when they took him out of my arms. I'm such a mom!

But thank the good Lord, once they put him in the ambulance and began stabilizing his neck and spine, he woke up and started crying. At first I was worried, but the paramedic reminded me that crying is a good sign! It means he most likely doesn't have a head injury. Being the most adorable toddler that he is, the good guys gave him a teddy bear and he went right to laughing and giving high-fives. They still took him to the hospital, just to be safe, and concluded that he had received a minor concussion. I was so relieved!

All of this to point out: WHAT WAS THE OTHER SCHOOL THINKING?!? They stuck him on the bus, delirious and bleeding without so much as an accident report. They are responsible for caring for him while he is there and report any and all incidents that occur. And what will they receive from all of this. A big slap on the wrist. A "next time you should do this."

I see a lack of responsibility and accountability in our parents as well. They receive free daycare through us, but they are not required to do anything. Oh, you don't want to work? That's okay! You don't want to get an education? Sure, it's your life! You don't want to participate in the Parent Day's offered at your child's daycare (which you get for free)? Don't worry about it! Just sit on your ass all day long and we'll hand you anything you need! Ummm...really?

As a parent it is your responsibility to:
  • bathe your children regularly
  • clothe them in weather appropriate attire
  • teach your children how to respect authority and adults
  • not neglect or abuse your child
  • help them get ready for school in the morning (no preschooler should have to wake up and get dressed in time to get on the bus...ALL BY THEMSELVES)
  • be involved in your child's education
  • do whatever needs to be done to meet your child's needs -- especially if they are special needs and require additional support or programs
It's sad that I see all the above with the parents and children that attend my daycare. Listen, I completely understand that there are circumstances that make it unbelievably hard for people to provide the essentials for their family. The circle of poverty is often times impossible to get out of. All I'm asking is that they try! Responsibility, people! Things in life are not handed to you!

I'm tired of there being no responsibility. No accountability. And I'm so tired of seeing innocent children suffering because of it.

And to all of you super mommy bloggers - thank you! It is because of you that these beautiful children you are raising will have a better life than so many around us. There isn't an award big enough for you. You all are beyond amazing!

And that is my rant. I'm sure it was all over the place, but I feel better now! And thank you to those of you who were troopers and read all of this.

xoxo, J


Erin said...

AMEN to this. It is seriously so awful to see parents treating their children like this. There should be a test you must pass in order to be a parent.

They dragged five kids out of a shithole near my hometown recently. Like literally took the kids from their parents because they had dog crap all over their faces. SICKENING!

Jamie Horton said...

This is a FANTASTIC rant! I am amazed by people and their lack of responsibility almost daily!! (My husband included!!) I wish telling people what is wrong with what they are doing - or not doing - would mean something, but it doesn't. This is exactly why I could not be a teacher - My heart would never survive what people put their children though!

Elyse said...

Good rant! That is the hardest thing about teaching for me! I have kids whose parents could care less about them and it is so sad to see. The only thing we can do as teachers is to be there for the kids when they need us, so that they know they are at least loved by their teachers. :-)