Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet My Sponsors - Jazmine

Meet Jazmine! Another one of my first blog friends. This young mama is super cute and super sweet. Jazmine has gorgeous hair (this is me being super jealous) and lucky for us ladies, she's going to share with us some of her hair secrets! I'll let her introduce herself to y'all, but you best go and show her some love!

Hi dolls, I'm Jazmine and I blog over at "Life As A Young Mom". I'm a wife, mommy to two beautiful little boys and a fur momma to a chihuahua name "Bonecrusher" (don't judge me on the name) lol. I'm a full time worker and student working on my bachelor's degree for Healthcare Management. I should be done by summer of 2014. I love to cook, bake, read, SHOP, and of course spend time with my boys, family and friends. 

I'm super excited to be on Jenna's blog today. Today's post is going to be about HAIR!!! A lot of the times I get asked "what do you use as far as hair products?".

I'm a natural brunette and I have natural curly hair. I hate my curls so I'm constantly straightening my hair and of course we all know that the flat irons, curling irons etc.. can dry and damage your hair horribly.

So here are my hair products that I use to keep my hair nice pretty (I'm not conceded trust me lol).

I love volume in my hair because after I had my second my son my hair went flat. My thick hair was gone. So I decided to use volumizer and this works. I love it. I don't use any other products besides this since I use the hair coloring from this product line as well.


Now after I wash my hair I like to blow dry so I use the "HI-RISE BOOSTER". I spray this while hair is wet and then I blow dry it. Then before I use the flat iron I spray the "Sleek & Shine Flat Iron" spray LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Seriously helps my hair from getting damaged.
Last I spray the "Glossing Spray" on the palm of my hands and rub it and just brush my hair with my fingers and it makes your hair shine.

So that right there my friends is the way I keep my hair nice and glossy.
Hope you enjoyed my tips on how I keep my hair from damaging.

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Jazmine @ Life As A Young Mom said...

awww you're so sweet.


Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

ooo i am loving your hair! so pretty! going to your blog now! have a great weekend jenna!!! xoxoox