Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

If you're like me, you have that type of hair that gets to a certain length and grows as slow as molasses. This means you also envy every girl with long flowing locks -- you know, the kind that most certainly has to be extensions but they claim they are not.

I've spent years searching for the best hair growth treatments on the market. I spent my first 3 years in the working world as a receptionist a hair salons, so that is a lot of products! But then one day, I was slapped with the harsh truth. I hate to break it to ya'll but....

There is no such thing as a product or treatment designed to make your hair grow faster.

The reality is, products that claim to make your hair grow faster really, in most cases, are just making your hair healthier. It's not putting hair growth into overdrive, but just making your hair stronger. Stronger hair = less breakage = more hair on your head and less in your brush.

If anyone has put their hair through the wringer, it's me. Blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, bleach, bleach, and more bleach. At one point, all of that damage really caught up with me. My ends were breaking off and my hair was just stuck at that awkward length. So I decided to start taking good care of my hair again. Here are some products that have nursed my hair back to health, allowing it to grow.

Biotin. I'm sure you've all heard of this wonder supplement. Not only is it great for providing necessary nourishment to your locks, but it will make your skin glow and your nails grow. I take the maximum strength biotin (usually Target brand because it's cheap!) daily for the last year and I've noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair, skin, and nails.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. I have not been using this product very long, but I already love it! After the first use, my hair was unbelievably soft and shiny, and the benefits just continued from there. This treatment is meant to be used in between shampooing and conditioning. It is full with protein, make the hair shaft stronger, as well as nourishing your scalp -- an important aspect of hair growth. Just like the packaging says, "Remember, if the earth is not nourished, you'll never grow beautiful flowers." You can find this treatment at Ulta.

Redken Extreme CAT Protein Treatment. Protein is necessary for healthy hair. It strengthens the hair shaft from the inside, preventing breakage. I always do a protein treatment after highlighting my hair (BLONDIES--- very important!) and every 2-4 weeks after that. You do not want to do protein treatments too often because too much protein will make your hair brittle and break easily! This treatment is usually not sold in stores or hair salons due to its intended professional use. I buy mine off of Amazon or you can ask your hairstylist to order some for you!

What products do you love for healthy hair?
Happy Wednesday!


Meg Cady said...

Girl. I pop biotin like they are chicklets! LOVE IT!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Biotin has been amazing for me! I'll have to try that Redken product!

Kristin said...

I gotta get some of that Redkin!

The Sweetest Thing said...

I've been taking biotin for so long that it like.... is crazy. My sister makes fun of me because my toe nails grow to be too long wayy too quick...... and I loathe having to paint my toe nails all the time! I do think not everyone can have super long hair - some girls hair just stops at a certain point!

Recently Roached said...

I'm jealous of everyone's flowing locks. My hair is dry and brittle like your grandma's toenail. ;) I'll have to check these products out!

Ann Faust said...

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