Monday, October 28, 2013

October Favorites

If you know me, you know I looove me some beauty products. I'll admit, I'm a beauty junky and my new position at Sephora definitely isn't helping it. This month, I've put together seven beauty items that I haven't been able to live without.

October Favorites

Here & Here
If you've never tried Josie Maran products, you honestly do not know what you're missing! Josie Maran's all-natural products are infused with 100% pure argan oil. After watching a few beauty gurus on YouTube rave about the Josie Maran Argan Oil, I knew I had to give it a try. I bought the original formula and fell in love. A few drops of this oil rubbed over my face before bed left me with soft and moisturized skin in the morning -- something very rare, thanks to my super dry skin. My skin drinks this stuff up, never leaving me with an oil slick on my face. I've also used it as a bath oil and put a few drops in my body lotion. I received the Light version of the Josie Maran Argan Oil as part of my gratis when I began working at Sephora. This lighter version is perfect for those with normal to oily skin or those looking for a great day time moisturizer. I know you oily skin ladies are fainting at the thought of putting an oil on your face, but trust me, all natural oil like this argan oil will help to cut down on your face's natural oil. By putting a natural oil, that will not clog your pores, on your face, you are essentially tricking your skin into thinking it's produced enough oil, and in return, producing less. You're probably all saying "Okay Jenna, we get it. You love it" and you're right. I can't stop raving about it. Josie Maran has a ton of different argan infused products that you need to check out -- take my word for it! Just go into your local Sephora and ask for some samples. You won't be disappointed!

Okay, an hour later after Jenna's Josie Maran rant, I bring you product number two! MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish in Give Me Sun. I've raved about NYX Matte Bronzer before on my blog, but I threw that stuff out the window after discovering this product. As a MAC product should be, considering the price, it's fantastic. The MSF's are extremely smooth in texture and long lasting and this shade is the perfect bronze color. There is no sparkle or shimmer so it is perfect to use as an all over bronzer.

Here & Here
I'm completely sold on Makeup Geek eyeshadows. No longer will I spend $10 on a depotted pan on MAC eyeshadow. Makeup Geek eyeshadows have the pigmentation and creaminess of MAC eyeshadows at the fraction of the cost! A single pan of eyeshadow costs $6 (a couple dollars more if you buy it in a compact). GIMME MORE! The two colors above have been my absolute favorite. Peach Smoothie on the left is a skin toned peach color that works perfectly as a transition shade for the crease. Cocoa Bear on the right is a gorgeous red brown. Use this to create the perfect red-brown smokey eye or throw some on your lower lash line for an added pop. The best part of buying these shadows in the pan without the compact is that you can store them all in a Z-Palette for easy organization.

I'm all about the deep berry lip this fall and this color is perfect. I love high-end lipsticks, but brands like Revlon and Maybelline have never done me wrong. Plum Velour by Revlon is gorgeous! It's the perfect deep plum but still extremely wearable. The formulation is super smooth and creamy. My only problem with this lipstick is that it's not very long lasting, but a little reapplication never hurt anyone.

Last but not least, my Sephora facial brush. If you've been with me for a while, you may remember that I mentioned this little tool once or twice before. Now, this brush ain't no Clairisonic (I want one soooo bad) but at only $7, I think it does the trick. The brush isn't as gentle as a Clairisonic, so you need to be careful -- scrubbing your face too hard will cause serious damage to your skin. I forgot about this brush for a while but when J and I moved to Indiana, I found it and decided to try it again. For the first week my chin started breaking out really bad, but that's normal! Using a facial brush to deep clean your face will cause all of that nasty dirty and oil deep down in your pores to surface, causing little break outs. But if you can hold out and let your skin run it's course, the results will be amazing. My skin has never looked so clean and clear. Good skin is the foundation for great makeup, so you can imagine how much better my makeup is looking.

And there you have it -- my must-have products of October.
What have been your favorite products this month?
Have you ever used any of the products on my list?

Happy Monday!


KMurf said...

I didn't understand half of this but I'm still so glad you got back into blogging!

Eliza said...

I am in love with my clarasonic! You won't be disappointed! Also that lipstick is such a pretty color for the fall! Love your favorites :)

Ashley said...

I keep wanting to try Joise Maran products. Eeveryone that has them loves them!

Marsh said...

I LOVE Revlon's Plum Velour lipstick! I bought it like 2 weeks ago, and I've probably worn it everyday since. It's the perfect wine color for fall!

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