Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner

Now that I'm back to blogging, I'm so excited to share our wedding with you all! I really, really, really want to share wedding pictures with you, but like I shared in my I'm Back post, we don't have a single picture from our wedding photographer. Listen, I understand that retouching every image by hand takes a lot of time, but not sending us a single "sneak peek" image two months after the wedding is unacceptable. Especially after you told me at the wedding that I would be receiving a couple via email in a few weeks. To say I'm unhappy with our wedding photographer is an understatement, and I made that perfectly clear in an e-mail I sent yesterday (oops!) But come on! We didn't pay you an arm and a leg for poor customer service! Clearly I'm salty and could go on and on about that, but I'll restrain for now. I'm sure a whole post about this chick will be coming sooner or later.

But moving on from my rant, our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It ended up being a gorgeous day even though the weather forecast said it wouldn't be, which was perfect since our rehearsal dinner was planned to be in Justin's parent's backyard. The whole event started around 5 o'clock in downtown Ann Arbor, not such a great move on our part considering there was a home Michigan football game that day, but we survived. The rehearsal went fine, a few bumps due to differing opinions and miscommunication, but we were all adults and got through what can be a stressful process pretty smoothly, in my opinion!

The rehearsal dinner was held at Justin's parent's house and it was absolutely gorgeous! His family prepared an amazing meal and fantastic desserts. We all sat out in the backyard and enjoyed each other's company the night before the big day. Justin's brother's girlfriend, Jess, shot some amazing pictures throughout the night. I couldn't be more thankful that she was there to capture the moment. (And if any of you bloggers live in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and need pictures, seriously, hit her up. I wish her and Tyler had started dating before we booked our wedding photographer! Click here to get to her website.)

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Love backyard rehearsal dinners, we had the same thing. It was much more relaxing than going to a stuffy dinner party at a fancy schmancy restaurant :)

I'm so sorry you still haven't even gotten a sneak peak of your wedding pictures. We had all of our pictures a month after the wedding. That is unacceptable. Hope your nasty gram works!

Renee Herrera said...

Your dress is gorgeous. Where is it from? Love your pictures. & congrats!

Kalie said...

You looked amazing for rehearsal, so I'm sure the wedding photos will be worth the wait when you see them (finally!). Also, those desserts look amazing!!

arron said...

Nice dress, it's suitable for you, like your sharing


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