Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Ok, if you know me you know I absolutely ADORE Giuliana Rancic!

 (pic found at http://www.celebritybabies.info/category/giuliana-rancic/)

I mean, come on people! How gorgeous is she?!? I also love her relationship with her husband, Bill. Since I don't personally know G&B (although I wish I did), from what I see on their reality TV show, Giuliana and Bill, I would say they are one strong celebrity couple!

If you've been following G&B the past couple years, you know their struggle with getting pregnant. But (drum roll please...) yesterday was the day! G&B announced they are PREGGO using a gestational serrogate!!!

I mean, I feel like I just found out I'm going to be an aunt!

This is going to be one beautiful bambino!

(And for the record... I WILL be the girl who posts about celebrities I don't know but pretend like I do!)

            Yours Truly ♥


Anonymous said...

Do you think G&B would consider hiring me as their nanny? Also, I'm betting that it will be a babe girl!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be all up on your blog again but can we just take a second to acknowledge that there is something about G's shirt that looks hella awkward!?