Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Latest Obsession

You can ask my boyfriend, I'm obsessed with painting my nails. He doesn't understand why I HAVE to paint my nails every week, but come on? Am I supposed to walk around with chips?!?

This past weekend, I picked up yet another Essie nail color. My collection has been growing exponentially, which is making a dent in my bank account. But, by buying my nail color instead of getting a manicure, I'm saving money, right? (Make me feel better here!)

And when I said I picked up another nail color, I really meant two.

Anywho, this week I tried Essie's Turquoise and Caicos. It's the perfect turquoise color. Not too bright, but a beautiful springtime color.

I'm obsessed with Essie nail polish. It's high quality and they always have the best choices in color!

On another note, my work day was AWFUL! Listen, I love my 8 out of control, high-energy, wild toddlers, but when they're all in a bad mood, I want to punch someone in the face (NOT a child so don't be going and calling CPS on me). Everyone talks about how Kate Gosselin is a first class biotch, but let's be honest...if we had to deal with 8 young children 24/7, we would probably feel the same way!

Tomorrow is my 23rd Birthday and I am so excited for a paid day off and some shopping with my madre! I'm sure I'll find something fabulous to share!

            Yours Truly ♥


Erin said...

My roomie has had this for a while and I love it too along with every other color. It may or may not be just because of the names.

Welcome to the blog world and Happy almost Birthday!

Jenna Simpson said...

Completely agree! The names always pull me in :)

Thank you for the birthday wish!

Alicia @ To Columbus and Beyond! said...

I LOVE that nail polish color. And I feel ya on the Kate Gosselin thing - she looked like a crazy biotch, but I'm sure her life is hellacious!

discoveringmyfateandlosingweight said...

Can I put in a special request that as part of your birthday blog post you bring a lil Mama Simps up on herrre? I miss her in my life! Suggestions for making this happen: any Terri ific quotes, pics of her phone cover, and any additional pics!

Obsession Lacquer said...

Loveee this colour! I have a few similiar shades, but they are Rimmel and the quality is not amazing. Everyone bangs on about Essie so I may have to push the boat and give them a try. Defo start buying your own polish it's sooo much cheaper! I agree you do save money :)I once had my nails done with a little nail art and it cost £12. Defo could have got me a few polishes! Hope you had a great birthday, well looks it seeing all your shopping goodies!