Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to MOI!

It's my 23rd Birthday and I spent it doing one of my favorite things: SHOPPING!!

My lovely mother and I both took the day off of work to celebrate with some major shopping. My mom and I have opposite work schedules and don't get to see each other that often so it was wonderful to be able to spend some time with her.

Let's be honest for a hot second: I absolutely love shopping and always spend way too much money. Not the best decision for a college graduate. With student loan payments, car payments, and all those other (not so) fun payments the real world throws at you, I can't afford to blow money like it's my job...

...but it's my birthday so I did anyways!

I took some pictures of some of my most favorite items I bought today to share with you:

Colorful shorts! I love bright colors (well, and black) for the summer. These will look great when I'm tan!
{yellow - Forever 21, pink - H&M, black - Old Navy}

Jewelry! I can never get enough!
{All jewelry from Forever 21}
A free birthday gift from one of my favorite stores SEPHORA!
A nautical inspired navy and white striped blazer.
Every girl needs some sandal bling!

Speaking of Maurices, it's definitely not my favorite store, mainly because I feel like I'm getting too old for most of the clothing. But another reason I'm not a fan is because I get annoyed by the people who work there. That's mean, I know...but it's my birthday and I can say what I want! I'm not joking in the least bit when I say that I was asked every two minutes if I was doing ok. LEAVE ME ALONE PEOPLE! There is no reason you should knock on my dressing room door THREE times when I'm trying on one item! I shared my frustration with my bestie, the hilarious KMurf (check out her blog):

Don't judge us...sometimes you just need to vent!

Have you ever noticed those super random kiosks in the middle of the mall? Today, my mom and I got bombarded by this woman trying to sell us roofs. Roofs? Our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Who buys a roof at the mall?
Mom: People. You know that moment when you're at the mall and you think, "Oh shit! I need a roof!"

After our shopping extravaganza, we met up with my sister and her boyfriend for a birthday dinner. Of course, I got the ultra awkward "Happy Birthday" song from everyone sitting near our table. 

My sister gave me this HAND MADE hula hoop for my birthday!

Background on the hula hoop: My sister is a real hippie! A couple years ago she started hula hooping. Not like your average, childhood/gym class hula hooping, but HULA HOOPING! Check out this video to see the kind of things she can do (note: this is not my sister):

I think it's pretty sweet looking and it's a great workout. My sister has been making hula hoops for friends and family and I'm trying to convince her to start selling them on Etsy! If you're interested in ordering a hoop from her, I can give you her contact information.

Overall, its been a great birthday. There's nothing better than being able to spend time with the ones you love! I'm excited to celebrate with the boy tomorrow (his baseball team had a double header tonight) and with some high school girlfriends on Sunday. I'm blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!

            Yours Truly ♥


discoveringmyfateandlosingweight said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! Love the Mama Simps quote! She's my fave person ever!

I am Megan said...

Happy belated birthday!

Jenna Simpson said...

Thank you, Megan!

Marissa Noydara said...

Happy Belated Birthday girlie!! Looks like you found a lot of great items :) Hope you had a great one!!

Jenna Simpson said...

Thank you so much :)