Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! It's my third ten-hour work day in a row this week (boo summer work hours) so I'm not feeling too creative this morning. No worries though! It's Wednesday, which means it's time for my favorite link-up! Link up with The Vintage Apple and show off your favorite pins!

**If you haven't already, make sure you enter for your chance to win a gorgeous, handmade scarf of your choice from Desiring Joy here!**


Nicole said...

Wow! Those nails are so cool! I wonder if I could pull that design off? They would be perfect for summer. Stopping by from OHP.

Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Hi....I just wanted to stop by to let you know of a GIVEAWAY being hosted by Koralee from Bluebird Notes blog to help celebrate the opening of my new Etsy shop: Daisy Pink Wish.......if you have the time please stop by.....we would love to see you enter!

Rebecca and Lori said...

Love those flower pics!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

That bouquet and those bow skirts...LOVE

The Sweetest Thing said...

Oh oh! Anything with a bow... :D

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