Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

Happy Monday!

I have exactly 49 minutes until I have to provide lunch break coverage in one of our full day classrooms so I thought I would crank out a little blog post. I bet you didn't know that part of the job description for a Social Worker in sitting in a dark room for a couple hours while kids nap so teachers can take a lunch break. Yeah, I didn't know that either. But that's neither here nor there....

I had a pretty fabulous weekend, if I do say so myself. Friday after work I headed over to my cousin's house to get my hair done and visit with her and her adorable kids.

Fresh highlights are enough to make any weekend a success. And I'm lucky enough to have an amazing colorist as a cousin. Double win for me? I think so.

Saturday, Justin's baseball games got cancelled. Wonderful for me, disappointing for him! We got to spend a couple extra hours together, so we grabbed some lunch and headed to the park. While we were there, we noticed that the kayak and canoe rentals were finally open, so being spontaneous, we decided to risk our lives by renting a double kayak. It's a shame I have no pictures, but seeing as Justin almost killed me on a tandum bike last summer, I figured my phone was safer on shore.

We bickered like an old married couple, I pouted when Justin intentionally splashed me with nasty river water, and I "took breaks" from paddeling every 5 minutes, but we had so much fun. It was fun doing something together that we never get to do. And with our work schedules being the complete opposite of each other's, getting to spend large chunks of time alone together is always special.

Sunday was dedicated to getting things done and shopping at the mall. Justin and I have an Engagement session with our wedding photographer this Sunday, so I needed to buy outfits. I bought Justin a plain white button up, because he doesn't own one (huh?) and for myself, a simple coral dress. I'm planning on pairing it with some brown wedges and calling it a day -- simple but sweet. Pictures to come, obviously!

I, of course, couldn't take a trip to the mall without stopping in Sephora -- even though I said I wasn't going to go in.

And my new favorite obsession? Starbucks Iced Coffee with milk. I need to stock my fridge with this!

Since our wedding budget is getting pretty tight, Justin and I decided to try and make our own wedding invites. I found an invite on Etsy that is super simple and rustic looking that I know I can recreate. I bought brown cardstock and white lace doilies -- found in the cake decorating section of Michaels -- and started the process.

I'll dedicate a whole DIY blog post to our wedding invites when they're finished and mailed off!

And now it's Monday, and I'm sitting here at work wishing I was on the beach somewhere. I'm still convinced that I was born to be some trust fund baby, living off of my parent's fortune, vacationing on the most secluded beaches. I'm just not cut out for this working life.

How was your weekend?


Alyssa said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! I didn't know you were a social worker! I'm going to ASU and am in my last year at the school of social work! Super fun! (:

Cayla said...

Wow! Your invitations sound awesome! Can't wait to see them :) We did our programs online and I found the best templates on pinterest.