Thursday, June 13, 2013

Playing House

With the wedding right around the corner, Justin and I have begun looking for a place to live. We haven't lived together before, so this is a really exciting new step. We originally thought that the only thing we could afford would be to rent an apartment for a while -- boo to throwing money out the window and stupid apartment living -- but we recently found a condo nearby for an amazing price. I almost can't believe the price! I have an appointment set up with the realtor tonight to take a look at the condo, so fingers crossed it is as nice as it looks in the pictures!

Naturally, my decor-mind has been going crazy since finding this place. Of course I have expensive taste and I know that our first home will look nothing like the pictures I pin on Pinterest, but a girl can dream! Plus, Justin has an uncle that does amazing remodeling work, so you never know!

Here's some of my inspiration for our future home -- wherever it may be!

I gravitate more towards neutral colors -- I think it gives a home a warm and welcoming feel. Plus, you can change up accent colors as often as you please without having to redecorate a whole room.

I'm really excited for this new stage in life. Getting married to my best friend and starting our life together will be amazing, no matter where we live.

What is your favorite part of decorating your home?


Kaileigh said...

I love the idea of the half barrel as a little table. We have one that we aren't using and it might be perfect for our front porch!

Decorating a home is a neverending project. There is always something that you are looking for!

Stephanie said...

They are all pretty! I love the neutrals too, it's easier to change up that way. And they have a calming effect.

Kristin said...

Living together is the best, and having a home is even better!

Barbara Vines said...

when we bought our house I LIVED on pinterest and I too have expensive taste. you'd be surprised what you can do on a budget and sign up for all the annoying emails from west elm, pottery barn, etc... and you will get constant coupons and deals. makes the d├ęcor shopping easier. and remember YOU OWN IT so you don't have to do it all at once! it can be a work in progress & everyone will understand. 6 months later I am still coveting new gorgeous pinterest inspired furniture!! HAPPY HOUSE HUNTING!