Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Twenty-Two

I'm obsessed with nail polish. Nothing new, we all know that. So it's not a surprise that when I started working at Sephora, my eye was constantly being drawn towards the huge display holding 191 different nail polish options.  Yes, 191 options! It is like Candyland, ladies.

If you've been spending your hard earned money in Sephora lately, then you know I'm talking about the Formula X for Sephora line. With 191 polish options, it's pretty much guaranteed that the Formula X line will have any color you're looking for.

With 191 different options, picking just one color can be tough. So, why commit to one color, when you can have 22?!

Meet The Twenty-Two! 
The Twenty-Two contains a variety of 22 mini nail polishes from the Formula X line. With a mixture of creamy colors, chromes, neons, and splatter top coats, you'll have it all! 

Xplosive Top Coats
From left to right: Turbulent // Wham! // Meteoric // Bionic
From left to right: Radioactive // Zap // Haphazard
From left to right: Rocket Fuel // Racy // Need For Speed // Vroom
Top from left to right: Unmistakable // Brazen // Eureka // Indellible
Middle from left to right: Omni // Infatuated // Thrilling // Extraordinary
Bottom from left to right: Dark Matter // White Matter //Flashy 
I picked up The Twenty-Two Sunday while at work and started playing around with the polishes as soon as I got home. Everything I was told about the Formula X line was spot on. The colors dry to a gorgeous shiny finish, making your manicure look as if you spent a ton of money on a gel manicure. The polishes also dry very quickly, and so far, without a chip in sight (even after ripping open my Anthropologie packages today!) the polishes are living up to it's long-lasting name. In the "for what it's worth" category, my supervisor has had her Formula X manicure on for a month now and has very little chips! And my favorite thing about Formaul X polishes, the colors are super creamy and extremely opaque. Even the lightest colors cover beautifully.

On my nails I have Extraordinary and Meteoric and I'm absolutely in love. I was shocked at the number of people who came up to me to ask about my manicure while I was running errands yesterday. But what I love even more is the color combination on my toes. No one likes to look at feet pictures so I'll spare you all, but I have Omni and Wham! on them right now. The combination of the bright blue and the white confetti top coat is amazeballs and will definitely be making an appearance on my fingers very soon! 

The Twenty-Two only barely touches the surface of all the different polish options Fomula X for Sephora has. So if I were you, I would get my tush to Sephora ASAP to check them all out. The holiday season is upon us, so go pick up The Twenty-Two for your best friend...and one for yourself while you're there!