Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jenna Lately

Once again, I've been the worst blogger. But who says that if you don't blog every day you're a bad blogger? I think it's time I start setting my own standards for this little corner of the internet I call mine! Plus, I always have more to share if I've let a few days slip by without a post.

Meet Miguel Dos. The Dos obviously signifies there was a Miguel Uno -- he only lasted four days due to some nasty fungus growing on him. That's what I get for spending $1.99 on a Meijer fish. Fingers crossed that Miguel Dos doesn't kick the bucket anytime soon. My co-worker pointed out that if I wanted Miguel Dos to live long, I probably shouldn't have named him after a fish that only lived 4 days. So she has a point, but I can't rename him -- that would be traumatizing for the little guy who has found his identity in his name.

Even though it was rainy and cold last Friday, I pulled out my new nude studded flats in hopes that Spring would magically appear. Sadly, Spring did not appear and I chose a bad time to break in a new pair of flats. I currently have nasty sores on the back of both my heels. Oh well, that's the price us women pay for cute shoes!

I got to play Mommy for a whole 24-hours to these two precious babies. My cousin and her husband took a much deserved weekend trip, and when they asked me to watch the kiddos, I jumped on the chance! It was so much fun, but so exhausting! These two are the best babies e.v.e.r. -- Momma taught them well! Tess and I made cupcakes, had a little manicure time, and snuggled while we watched The Lion King and Wreck It Ralph. It's a good thing I got my snuggles in with Owen, because once Justin got there, he turned into the ultimate baby hog. But how can you not with chubby cheeks like those?

I went on a bit of a spending spree yesterday...oops! Sometimes I just get this itch to buy accessories. It's an addiction really. Once I start, I can't stop. I bought a necklace (not shown above) before 8:30am yesterday. That's when you know you need help.

Justin and I finally took the plunge and booked a church for our big day. We had taken a tour of this church a while ago, but had a hard time booking it because the church's wedding coordinator is a wackjob, not to mention the church is very old and doesn't have air conditioning. But, after more searching, it looked like this church was our only option. I'm not mad -- it's absolutely gorgeous. It has beautiful stained glass windows and a huge pipe organ (that we won't be using unless someone wants to donate $300 to pay the church's organist...rip off). I'm just apologizing to our guests in advance for the no air conditioning part. We promise we won't drag out the ceremony. And if you don't hear from me after September 1st, it's because I'm in jail for strangling the wedding coordinator.


Anonymous said...

I can't keep any fish i get alive. Makes me sad. lol

I like how Justin is on his phone while watching the cute adorable baby boy. LOL

Hope you have a good week :)

Sara Elizabeth said...

those little ones are too precious!! and I love your flats too!

Anonymous said...

That church IS pretty. And girl, it's your day, put her in her place!

Shelley said...

Go you for watching two kids!!

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Kristin said...

The church does look gorgeous though!