Friday, March 8, 2013

High Waisted

I never thought Friday would come this week. This is the first week I have worked a full week since before Christmas Break! With snow days and federal holidays every single week, it's about time I get paid for a full 5 days -- but my body and mind are running on fumes.

I'm really loving this fun new link-up hosted by Kelly and Lindsey. It gives me the opportunity to look at fashion trends that terrify me with new eyes -- like this post I wrote about my fear of red lips. Hours after writing that post, I was rocking my very first cherry pout. So, without further adieu, this week's Fearless Fashion Friday!

If there is one fashion trend I'm most afraid of, it is the high waisted short. While so adorable if done right, you could be walking around with a mom-butt if you pick the wrong pair.

I'm terrified that I'll think I'm rocking a pair of cute high waisted shorts when in reality I'm looking like a Soccer Mom chaperoning the middle school dance. But enough about my legitimate fear, here are some looks I would love to wear sans mom-butt.

What fashion trend are you nervous to try?


CMae said...

I have to say I'd be nervous to try this look too, just as I have not tried to rock the floral pants look or the pastel jean look either. I honestly feel I just look ridiculous in them!

Caitlin said...

Tights with short lace shorts is so in! But really. Tights hugging my round thighs? Um no. I haven't got the guts to try it yet. But I do want to find some semi longer lace sorts to wear without tights this summer!

claire said...

I love the white shorts in the second picture with the mint top! Definitely cute and not soccer momish!

Chloe said...

It is cute but I have the same fear! A girl came in to eat yesterday at work and she had mom butt going on with her high waisted shorts. The whole thing just seemed kind of off. lol.

Helene said...

i looove high waisted but i too am scared. also it would help if i was pencil thin. dangit.

Amy said...

I agree about the shorts, I am really short, so i feel like they make me look short and stubby!
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The Best of Both Worlds said...

I agree about the shorts but they are so super cute! I really need to try some on before my trip to Nashville!