Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do What You Love

This whole job searching thing is discouraging. Two of my co-workers already have new jobs, another has an interview this morning, and little ol' me is just waiting...

I have this internal struggle every time I look for job openings. I find jobs that I know I could apply for and very well get, and being the worrier that I am, I feel like I should lock something down since I only have a month left at my current job. The only problem is, I know I wouldn't love what I was doing if I was offered and accepted those positions.

I love what I'm doing now and am having a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that my time there is almost done. That's why I'm hoping and praying and trying to hold out to hear about another position that I know I would absolutely love.

When you're spending 40+ hours a week working, why would you ever settle for something less than what you love? I'm a strong believe that we're created with a purpose and a passion and to spend large amounts of time doing something we're not passionate about, is a waste of life.

Don't settle for anything that doesn't make you happy, that doesn't fulfill your passions, that you don't love. Nobody wants to get to the end of their life and be overcome with regrets or feel like they didn't fulfill their purpose in life.


Brittany Dawn said...

Something you love will come up! But I totally agree...who would want to spend 40 or more hours a week doing something they didn't love? Especially the people who do something they don't even like?!

Alicia Marie said...

I'm sending you positive thoughts girl! I really hope you find another job you'll enjoy and excell at!! Not everyone has that in their lives, and you've been blessed to really love what you do, and hopefully you can continue that with a new job. :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Hoping it all goes the way you want it to! I also believe in doing what you love! I say keep looking and stay positive the job for you will come!

Erin said...

What a great post this is all so true. It really confuses me why people sit at jobs ALL day long for a ton of years being miserable. You only get one life why aren't you livin it!? Don't rush yourself, look for something you love. Wish you the best of luck on your search cause searching sure does suckkkkk.

Kate said...

Good luck with the search! Something you love with find you :)

Rachel said...

Oh, girlfriend. I love that last paragraph. So much. Such powerful words...and SO TRUE! I need to keep reading that.

Leanne @ Simply Beautiful said...

I'm hoping you find something soon! I know what you mean about being capable of working anywhere, but why waste your life doing something that just gets you by?

I love that...put meaning and purpose in your life! Thanks for the great reminders :)

Happy weekend!

Sarah said...

I completely agree that you have to do what you love in life! What field do you work in? I just recently found my "passion" and that's writing. I got lucky and had a great opportunity come my way, and now I get to stay home doing what I love. It took awhile to get here though! But yes, if you have to work (and now a days I feel like that's everyone!), it HAS to be something you enjoy or else you'll be miserable!

Anonymous said...

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