Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Oh ladies. I'm stressin'! Only TWO days until the big move. So many mixed emotions. I'm so sad to be moving out of my family's home for the past 15 years and having to say goodbye forever. But I'm also excited to decorate a new place, even if it is a tiny apartment. And I'm ready to get this whole shebang over and just move on!

In honor of Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday, I'm linking up with Michelle and sharing some of my Pinterest finds that are the inspiration for the vision I have for my soon-to-be new room. Join me, will you?


I'm going with darker walls for my new room. My first option? A deep plum. I'm in love with this color!

Second option? A dark charcoal.

I'm loving this metallic paint stencil idea. I would go with circles instead of squares. But let's be honest, this it waaaayyyyy too much work for an apartment that I'll probably only be in for a year. 

I bought a gorgeous 8-drawer dresser from Ikea to recreate this look with an old mirror from my grandparents. And on this dresser, under the mirror...

...I'll be recreating this gorgeous long box of hydrangeas. Faux hydrangeas of course. Who has the money to keep up with real ones?

And for the little extra hints of character...

Door knobs used as curtain tie backs

Mason jars covered in lace or twine as a candle holder

Distressed letters to hang on the wall

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Happy Wednesday, loves!


Leah said...

Gorgeous rooms! Good luck with your move.

Jessie said...

Very cute pics!! All so inspiring. Good luck w the move

The Management said...

I hope the big move goes really well for you.

I'm loving your decorating ideas- I just found the perfect mirror to put over my own chest of drawers and I was sooo giddy when it turned out looking exactly how I want it to!

oh, and if you're taking votes on the paint colours- the plum one is amazing. The charcoal is nice too, but I'm feelin' the plum.

...Barbie... said...

oh my gosh. you are going to have the cutest apartment!!! how fun!! congrats on this new adventure!!!

julia rose. said...

I'm LOVING all of your ideas!! Especially the metallic shizz in the bathroom! Cannot wait to see what you end up doing :) Good luck sweet girl!!

Alicia Marie said...

LOVE it all, even repinned some. ;) I think plum would be great in your room, since it's still your "single" room and guys have a thing against "girlie" colors..psshhh jerks. Charcoal just reminds me of adults, which is why it'll be my next room's color with my husband. With white and yellow accents. :)

Kalie said...

I have plum in my bedroom and charcoal in my living room, so I must say - you have great taste in paint colors! Grey is a great neutral, while purple provides a little more of a statement.

Brooke said...

The dark charcol room is beautiful!



Brittany Dawn said...

I love everything about this! Love the charcoal gray!