Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately...but what a crazy week! This summer has been throwing all kinds of curveballs at me as far as work goes. Some pretty awful things have been happening to my toddlers and their families and it just seems to be never ending! I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to be a Social Worker, but this kind of stuff wears you down!

And on top of all that (on a selfish level) this 95+ degree weather and no A/C at work is making me a cranky girl! There's nothing I hate more than sweating. And when I'm sweating and I have seven sweating toddlers crawling all over me, I could lose it!

Needless to say, this week I have come home from work completely exhausted. Like, I don't want to cook dinner let alone try and work out, exhausted. But the good news is it's FRIDAY! Which means it's almost the weekend. And it also means it's time to link up with The Bargain Blonde for Friday Favorites!

{favorite necklace}
Blogger and jewelry maker, Morgan, Instagrammed a picture a few days ago of this gorgeous whistle necklace from her Etsy shop Adies Lovelies. I was instantly obsessed with it! So simple yet so cute! And the best part? It actually works! I told myself I wasn't going to buy it just yet, but alas, my shopaholic side got the best of me, and as of last night, I'm the {soon-to-be} new owner of the gold whistle necklace! I can't wait to wear this and blow the whistle when Justin isn't listening to me or when the kiddos at work are running wild {which will be often since they're a bunch of crazy little people these days!} Go check out Morgan's Etsy page and all of her beautiful (and, may I add, very reasonably priced) jewelry!

{favorite guilty pleasure}

Glam Grab Accessory Auction has taken over my life. What is it, you ask? Glam Grab is a Facebook page that holds designer jewelry auctions every Monday at 7:30pm CST and Wednesday at 11am CST. You simply like the Facebook page, and then once the auction begins, comment with the word 'grab' under the picture of the jewelry you would like to purchase. After the auction is over, you pay your PayPal invoice and the piece (or pieces, if you're like me) are all yours! I just received this gorgeous necklace in the mail last week and am waiting on this, this, and this. Did I mention I'm obsessed??

...and while I'm on a purchase rampage...

{favorite recent purchase}

Okay, the steal of a life time right here. This Kate Spade cosmetic pouch was originally retailed at $60. I found it hidden in a wicker laundry basket at TJ Maxx. Sorry if someone was hiding this so they could purchase it later! TJ Maxx had originally marked the priced down to $25.99, but.....BUT....... there was a little red sticker on the tag (which I knew meant great things) that said this beautiful KATE SPADE cosmetic pouch was only $9.99! You bet I snatched it up ASAP! Oh, my little bargainista heart was so so happy. I also found some cute Oscar de la Renta sunglasses for $10. TJ Maxx was crawling with designer items for super cheap yesterday! I was in heaven!

{favorite funnies}

For some reason, our consumers spill their life story to me anytime they see me. I don't entirely mind it as I take it as a compliment that they feel comfortable enough to confide in me, but there are some things I don't want to know! This week while picking up the kids on the bus, a mother just blurted out all of her personal struggles and the words "I wish people would walk a mile in my shoes" came out of her mouth. While I was trying to be sympathetic, I couldn't help but think about this ecard. SOOOOO TRUE!

Story of my life...

...Exactly! Again, story of my life...

{favorite picture}

You know that moment when you feel drunk, but you actually aren't? That was me in this picture. This is what happens when it's 105 degrees outside and I spend 8 hours without A/C....drunken exhaustion. Giggles, gangster dance moves, the works. And look at Justin's face. He's clearly thinking, "Why am I still hanging out with this freak-o-nature?" He's such a good sport when I get in my moods.

{favorite manicure}

(Don't mind the messy polish on my cuticles or my dinosaur claw of a hand...) I recently bought these adorable chevron nail decals from Made By Munchie's Mama. How cute are they? I bought these white ones, metallic silver, and grey. One sheet of decals comes with 44 chevron strips and costs $5. However, if you buy three sheets, you get $2 off! Go check out all of the cute colors she has to offer!

Don't forget!! One of my sponsors, Nikki, over at makeupHER is giving away a $25 gift card to Target on the blog. Click here for your chance to win!

Happy Friday, lovelies! Have a great weekend!


Amber said...

I just bought 3 sheets of those chevron nail decals! Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

Katie said...

that woody instagram - too funny! and I'd be cranky too with no air! my school doesn't have air and that is one of the many reasons why I'm dreading going back to work!! have a great weekend jenna!

Alisa Marie said...

Love the chevron nail strips! So cute!

LoveT. said...

Great Post ,funny :))

Have a great Weekend ,kisses

Alana Christine said...

I seriously need to start shopping at TJ Maxx!! LOVE the nails!

Nicholl Vincent said...

amazing mani!!

Mellie Lorissa said...

SCORE!! Great steal at TJ Maxx! :) Cute pic too. Enjoy your weekend girlie!

PS- new follower

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Love the nails!!!! I am obsessed w that type of pattern! Love the ecards. So freaking funny! I would be cranky too in 95 degree heat w no AC. Kill me now haha! I'm so freaking excited you're doing the messy project again!!!! Have a great weekend!! Love you! Xoxo Kelly

julia rose said...

1. holyyyy crap!!! i feel the EXACT same about work. things have been non stop crazy this summer. it can calm down any time it likes. and 95 degree weather with no ac should be illegal.
2. hilarious pictures!! especially the instagram and cake to boobs- those are my faves!

kimberly rae said...

way to go on the makeup pouch steal!
i have really been wanting to try those nail strips, glad to see they worked for you
and girlllll i would just not do anything if i worked somewhere with no a/c

Claire Kiefer said...

Those nails are adoooooorable! I love them--gonna check out the link! And don't even get me started on heat--that is awful! No one has air conditioning here, but it's never that hot. I hope you find a way to cool off!

Jessie said...

Cute photo! I love those e cards you posted. So funny!!

Kristin said...

i love scoring at tj maxx!! and thanks for the site to the nail decals!

Christina S said...




The Preppy Student said...

what an amazing post! the kate spade cosmetic bag for $10 is a STEAL! and those nails look amazing. the whistle necklace is fashionable and works, thats a great purchase! Have a great Sunday! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

Vanessa Mae said...

Great Post! Check out my blog , I post random posts, including fashion, tv, music & books etc and I ALWAYS follow back, so follow me if you like on Bloglovin and GFC :)

xo kelsey said...

AMEN to the boobs thing! If a magic genie could grant me one wish, that would be it! I'd be eating cupcakes ALL day urrry day.

Lindsey said...

Wow, you had some awesome faves. TJ Maxx is my mecca and so I'm very excited about your Kate Spade purchase. Totally feel you on this horrendous heat and when my air went out on Friday, I thought I was going to shank a bitch. I instagramed that instagram pic (the irony) and still love it. HILAR because it is so me. Last but not least, on my way to facebook to check out this shiz.