Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo 411

First and foremost, I just want to send out a huge THANK YOU to all my readers yesterday who left me some really kind comments on my How I Make That Money Honey post. Seriously, you all made my day! I've been having a really hard time at work lately feeling like I'm just not making that much of a difference, and to hear all of your encouraging words meant the world to me. I'm sincerely grateful for every single one of you!

And with that being said....

One of my most favorite bloggers to every walk this Blogosphere, Ms. Erin from Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink is hosting a fun little photo link up this week. I have to join in on this fun for three reasons:

1) I love Erin and all of the hilarity that comes out of her mouth. Or fingers, I guess.
2) I love link ups and it's perfect for my scattered brain these days. I'm already in vacation mode and I still have four days of work to get through!
3) I love pictures!

So join me and link up with Erin for the Photo 411 Link Up

The concept is easy. 10 photos to go with 10 different items. These items being:

1) Your Little Tyke Self
2) Your High School Self
3) Your College Self
4) Your Self Right Now
5) Your Furry Friend
6) Your Manly Friend
7) Where You Once Lived
8) Where You Live Now
9) What You Love
10) What You Miss

Got it? Okay, let's go!

{Your Little Tyke Self}

 Was I not the most adorable toddler with the biggest forehead you've ever seen?!?!?

{Your High School Self}

 Back when I thought I looked good as a brunette. This was the last day of high school. And that, my blogger friends, is my very best friend in the entire world, Jose... pronounced joe-ssss not ho-say. Her real name is Steph though, in case you were wondering...

{Your College Self}

 This is how I like to remember my college self. Crazy times in Guatemala. My college life before Guate is a time I would like to forget. For real though. Do over fo sho.

{Your Self Right Now}

 Oh, you didn't know I graduate from college with a degree in Thug Life?

{Your Furry Friend}

 Charlie Simba Mufasa Kardashian Simpson. Yeah, he has a long name. Do you have a problem with that? He's a brat. And this picture is one of the rare moments when he actually wants to be touched. But he's so fricken hilarious...for a cat that is.

{Your Manly Friend}

 My boo boo. He's a keeper. I'm trying to convert him to team iPhone currently. All in favor of J getting a iPhone, make yourself be known.

{Where You Once Lived}

 Jackhole, Michigan. Better known as Jackson. I spent my college years here. Kick me down a flight of stairs. I despise this place with all I have. I'm so negative about most of my college experience...

{Where I Live Now}

Chelsea, Michigan. The home of THEE Jiffy Mix and Jeff Daniels. Also where I grew up, obviously. I love this little town. And I'm pretty devastated that the house my family spent the last 13 years in just sold.

{What You Love}

 My girls. They make my heart complete. The best of friends since Middle School!

{What I Miss}

 Family vacations to The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor, MI. I looked forward to this trip every summer. This place is heaven on earth! GORG!

Now it's your turn! Link up with Erin and let us in on your life through pictures! Happy Tuesday lovelies!


Alicia Marie said...

Lovely pictures missy! At least you had hair as a toddler, I was bald for the first few years of my life. :( and yea J, hop on the iPhone band wagon already! Sheeeesh.

Malo said...

What a cute toddler!! And I love that picture of you and your girlfriends ;)

Erin said...

Yayy thanks for all of the kick ass comments about me and of course thank you for being the best bloggy friend ever and linking up! You were the cutest little toddler ever! That is THEE best name for a cat and duhhh to the team iPhone bandwagon!

Katie said...

Love the photos! I love seeing photos of friends/bloggers in their "past life". And really you have some of the cutest toddler hair I have ever seen. :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

what a fun linkup! i love you with the dark hair in highschool! so cute!! love you!!!

xo Kelly

PS. Don't forget to enter my H&M Gold Layered Necklace giveaway & check out my new linkup!

The Preppy Student said...

love these photos and learning more about awesome bloggers! happy tuesday!

Jessie said...

What a GREAT link up! Adorable pics!

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