Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July's Birchbox + Giveaway Winner

Before we get started, let me announce the winner of my e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner and $15 Target Gift Card Giveaway. And the winner is.... Claire from Live, Laugh, Love, Teach! Congratulations, Claire! Check your e-mail if you haven't already received an e-mail from me!

And onto my Birchbox review...

My third Birchbox came last Friday and I must say, it was pretty great. And from what I hear, almost everyone was very happy with their July Birchbox! I was a little disappointed with the samples I received last month, so it was definitely a welcomed surprise to see so many great things this time around.

July's Birchbox samples were picked out by Glamour's beauty editors with the inspiration of the five senses. Please, forgive me for the awful iPhone pictures. I was kind of in a hurry!


1 // boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens-  I LOVE these! Blotting sheets are a must have for these hot summer months. Spending all day in the heat and humidity can leave our faces looking shiny. And not the sexy, dewy, "oh I just stepped out of the shower" look...the "I just dipped my face in frying oil" look. No one looks cute like that. So, just pull these handy blotting sheets out of your bag, blot your face, and voila! Good as new!

2 // Birchbox Headphones- These could not have come at a better time. I just ripped the wiring out of my old headphones on a run a few weeks ago, so I was very happy to see these in my box. They're super comfortable! I always have issues with headphones because: a) my ears are strangely small and b) I have my tragus pierced, so headphones always fit weird in my right ear. (If you don't know what a tragus piercing is, just look at this picture of Rihanna. I promise it's not some sketchy body part.) Anywho...these headphone's fit perfectly in my ears!

3 // Tea Forte minteas- Okay, I'm not going to lie. These are disgusting. I tried a couple of them hoping I could find something good about them, but no such luck. It tastes like I'm sucking on a multi-vitamin. Barf. 

4 // stila Lip Glaze in Lights- I was very skeptical about this lip gloss only because it's sparkly and I hate sparkly lip gloss! However, stila proved to me once again why I love their products so much. Once the lip gloss in on, the sparkles are very subtle, not overpowering like I just ate a discoball. The color is a beautiful neutral and goes perfectly with my tan. The only downfall, it's one of those annoying brush applicators. I'm so impatient with these things. I twist and twist and twist the bottom because nothing is coming out and then all of a sudden it's like a fricken volcano erupted.

5 // Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance- Well, considering this stuff is worth $110 for a full-size bottle, it's the real deal. This fragrance is rose based and smells amazing. It's not a fragrance that I would normally wear and not something that I think compliments my personality (yes, I choose perfume based on how well I think it compliments my personality) but it is a beautiful fragrance nonetheless.

6 // Gloss Moderne High Gloss Masque- I am in love with this hair mask. If it wasn't $40 for only 4 ounces I would have a stock pile of this stuff. Not only does it smell absolutely heavenly, but it made my hair feel amazing. This hair mask pumps your hair full of hydration leaving it frizz-free and super shiny. I'm trying to make my sample last as long as possible!

Well there you have it ladies, my July Birchbox! If you don't already receive a monthly Birchbox, then go to their website and sign up!


...Barbie... said...

blah. my birchbox was awful - my past 3 have been b.a.d =/ but yours looks super good!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I got those nasty mints too...HORRIFIC! I felt like I was sucking on a bar of soap! lol...