Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beauty Buys

Have I mentioned how obnoxious my obsession with new beauty products is? Because if I haven't, it's pretty obnoxious. So obnoxious that I can't walk into Ulta without walking out at least $50 poorer -- at least! As I mentioned yesterday, an Ulta opened up right around the corner from my apartment. I kid you not, I've been waiting since September for that bad boy to open it's glorious doors for me. Of course, I had to make sure that this Ulta is up to my standards, so I went on a bit of a beauty shopping spree. I bought some prrreeettttttyyyy amazing products that I must share with you all.

Beauty Buys

//One// Maybelline Color Whisper in Cherry on Top. Yes, I know I shared this yesterday, but it deserves to be on the top of this list. I cannot say enough about this lip color line. The color is bold and vibrant while still be smooth and translucent -- no cakey lipstick here! The Color Whisper line is a mix between a gloss and a lipstick. Seriously -- go get yourself one of every color!

//Two// theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. The picture above doesn't do a good job at showing the product. Mary-Lou Manizer, besides having a bomb.com name, is the best highlighter I've ever used. Woke up looking like you were just run over by a truck and then a train? No problem! Dab some Mary-Lou Manizer in the corner of your eyes and you look wide awake! Feeling like your nose is taking over your face? Don't worry, dab some down the center and it's like you just got a nose job! Seriously, this stuff is magical.

//Three// Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo has been one of my favorite shampoo and conditioners for years now. It's perfect for distressed hair -- hello blonde highlights and constant straightening. Ulta has these bad boys on sale for $16 a liter. That's a steal ladies! Go stock up, like right this very moment.

//Four// Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I fell in love with Smashbox's BB cream when I received a sample in my Birchbox a couple months ago, but there was no way I was going to drop an arm and a leg for a full-sized tube. So then the hunt for the second best BB cream ensued. Maybelline's BB Cream is by far the closest I've found to Smashbox's. It's light and fresh and hides imperfections on those days you don't feel like painting your face.

//Five// Bare Escentuals Full-Edge Liner Brush. I've been meaning to find a good liner brush for my cream liner since I've been using the one cent brush that came with the cream liner (which happened to be the worst brush ever). I'm loving this brush! It's easy to use, collects the perfect amount of cream liner, and makes the perfect cat eye every time.

//Six// Bare Escentuals Ready Foundation. I love, love, love, Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation. But I hated how messy the loose powder was. I felt like I got more on the counter top than on my face. Well, problem solved! This compact version of the beloved foundation is perfection. The same flawless face without the mess.

And there you have it, my latest beauty buys! Before you leave me for the day, you need to know that you're definitely going to want to come back here tomorrow. I'm teaming up with some pretty awesome ladies to giveaway something ah-maze-ing. You're not going to want to miss this!


Sara Elizabeth said...

I'm making an Ulta trip this Friday so this post was perfectly timed!! I'll have to check out theBalm highlighter you mentioned!

amanda tinsley said...

I have never heard of this "Ulta" you speak of but it sounds delightful. Sounds similar to Sephora, which is a delight!

new follower :)

The Sweetest Thing said...

I was reading this and thought "she better have included whispers!!" Love it!!!

Kristin said...

Love the redken jugs!