Friday, May 11, 2012

Fill In The Blank Friday

Linking up with Lauren for another Fill In The Blank Friday!

1. On a scale from 1-10 the frequency with which I get sick is, well, last year it was a 1. But since working with these germ infested babes, its like an 8. This past winter I was sick every other week.

2. The last time I felt sick was if you count allergy sick...this morning. Ugh.

3. The worst part about being sick is eveything! Being sick is my number one annoyance in life.

4. When I am sick I like to be taken care of by ...don't take care of me. Leave me alone to sulk in my own misery. I don't like people around me when I'm sick.

5. Something I do to keep myself healthy is vitamins! Errrday.

6. A secret remedy that I use when I'm sick is to sleep. Not so secret I guess...

7. One thing that always makes me feel better when I'm sick is all the reality TV I can handle. Love me some trashy TV!

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xoxo, J


Megan Wadsworth said...

Never seen this linkup before, but I like it! Thanks for stopping by on WILW, I'm a new follower!

Jen said...

Trashy TV is where it's at! Reality shows and Drop Dead Diva to be exact ;)


oomph. said...

haha, I love me some great trashy tv! I don't get to watch it often, but when I do, I love it!