Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Latest Obsessions

Today while my toddlers we're taking a nap, I was trying to stay awake/pretending to be working (but really just Facebook stalking) when I started to make a mental list of everything I've become obsessed with the past couple of weeks. And since I have this so-called list, it only makes sense to blog about it!

So here you go people...my latest obsessions:

1. Hope in a Jar for Dry Skin

While this little gem isn't exactly cheap, it is AMAZING. I have eczema, so not only is my skin super sensitive to products, but its unbelievably dry (like Sahara desert dry). This moisturizer does wonders for my dry, sensitive skin. I smooth it over my face every night and my skin still feels moisturized in the morning! It is a rich facial moisturizer, and for me, is too heavy for the day time, but perfect for overnight.

2. Fishtail Braids

Really, I've been obsessed with fishtail braids for a while now, but since I rocked one today, I thought I would post about it. It took me a while to master the fishtail, and many YouTube videos, but I did it! I have really fine hair, so if my hair is straight or clean, a fishtail braid won't stay. I usually wear a fishtail braid the day after I let my hair be naturally curly (I usually wash my hair every other day). The extra texture of curly hair helps to make my fishtail braid last all day.

3. Statement Necklaces

I absolutely love this J. Crew bubble necklace, but the $150 pricetag is outrageous! I mean, I love it but not that much! After some searching the web, I found a replica on Ebay for about $30. It's going to be mine! Let's be honest people, does anyone really care if the necklace around my neck is J. Crew or a knock-off? Because I sure don't!

4. Chobani Greek Yogurt

Once you go Greek, you never go back. That's a saying, right?!? But seriously, Greek yogurt is so much better than that regular stuff. I eat a Chobani every morning... every morning. Strawberry is my personal fav, delish! Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier than normal yogurt and has twice the protein! Yum!

5. Sephora Facial Brush

I had been looking at the Clairsonic Mia facial brush for some time, but again with the pricetag, ridiculous! I had dinner with a friend when she told me that she picked up this little gem at Sephora for $5! The next time I was at the mall, I went to Sephora and picked one up. For $5, this facial brush is amazing. My skin legitimately feels cleaner and smoother! And the best part is you use less facial cleanser since the brush really helps lather it up! 

What are your latest obsessions?

            Yours Truly ♥ 


Monica's Notebook said...

Fish tail braids are my favvv! I dont know how to do them though :/ lol Oh and by the way, I used Pixlr to create my blog header! :]

Erin said...

I love that necklace so much too! Can you share the knock off you found?

Jenna Simpson said...

Seriously, check out tutorials on YouTube! It's a little tough at first, but once you get the hang of it, fishtails aren't that bad! And thanks for the tip! I'm still new at this whole blog thing :)

Jenna Simpson said...

I just found this seller and bought a turquoise necklace for $14.50! They have a bunch of different colors to choose from.


Erin said...

Anddd I just hit confirm purchase. Thanks so much!!!

Jenna Simpson said...

Yay! And you're welcome :)

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

i am definitely going to have to pick one of those brushes up! didn't even know sephora had them...thanks for the tip (:
also, does your hope in a jar smell weird? i loved the way it made my skin feel, but couldn't get past the smell...weird!

Jenna Simpson said...

They have a bunch of expensive brushes at Sephora, but I found that gem in the section where they have a bunch of random brushes and other beauty tools.

I like the smell of my hope in a jar. Its kind of like a rose scent. What did yours smell like?