Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maxi Me Please

I hope you all had an amazing long Memorial weekend with friends and family; I know that I did! But now it's time to get back to the daily grind. BARF!

Today's post is dedicated to maxi's! I'm quickly becoming obsessed with the trend, even though it took me a while! I still don't actually own a maxi dress or a maxi skirt, but you can bet your life savings that I am on the hunt. I found a really cute strapless maxi dress at Target last week, but it hit awkwardly above my ankles and I felt like it looked like I had accidentally shrunk it! I'm 5'7 and I want a dress or skirt that hits the ground. No Steve Urkel look for me!

Now, dresses and skirts are not practical for my daily life. When working with kiddos, you spend a whole lotta time on the floor, crawling around, or climbing over baby gates. Wearing a dress or skirt just makes all those shenanigans that much more annoying. But I'm all about rocking the flowy look all weekend long!

Here are some pictures of maxi dress and skirt looks that I absolutely adore:

Via Pinterest from chicisimo.com

Via Pinterest from champagneandpizza.tumblr.com
Via Pinterest from sendyrella.tumblr.com
Via Pinterest from ilt5.adores.it
Via Pinterest from kristinakh.com

Via Pinterest
I LOVE the look of a casual maxi skirts with a jean jacket or chambray. It's the perfect weekend outfit!

Ladies, I will keep you updated on my hunt for the perfect maxi (because it is REALLY important!) But in the meantime...

How do you feel about maxi's?

And help a sister out! Let me know where you love to shop for maxi's!

xoxo, J


Sarah said...

I absolutely love maxi dresses, don't own any skirts yet but the summer is just starting! I am like you with the "no steve urkel" look, can be pretty frustrating. Pretty much crosses out buying online because I am too afraid it won't be long enough!

Erin said...

I'm loving them too. I bought a super cute one a couple months ago that I have yet to actually try on. But hopefully it fits and I can wear it this weekend to a wedding!

Stacie said...

1 million % agreed!

Loving maxi skirts this season!

Lots of love

Stacie x


Ashley said...

I find mine all from Old Navy. I've seen that first skirt and Love it!!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

BARF is right. seriously. but the maxis ... those would be the opposite of barf. especially that last one.

RichLittlePoorGirl said...

i LOVE maxis but have a hard time finding them to fit my petite self :(

want to follow each other??? <3