Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fitness, Yo!

I've been meaning to update you all on my fitness these days, but just haven't gotten around to it. But last night's running events are something I HAVE to share, so we'll just combine the two!

Yesterday, I was having a hard time deciding if I was going to go for a run or not... what's new? On one hand, I've been fighting a sickness (that has a total of 11 kids out sick at work) and I wasn't feeling well. But on the other hand, it had been almost a week since I last worked out! But let's be honest, I ate like crap and over indulged all Memorial Day weekend, so the damage had already been done!

So, I turned to the voice of reason, Justin. His advice? "Sometimes I feel better after I sweat it out." Then, of course, I felt guilty for trying to make up an excuse to not go, and got my lazy butt up for a run.

I should have known last night's run was not meant to be when the following events took place:
  1. At the very beginning of my run, I saw a gaggle of geese. Four mama geese and at least 12 babes. I knew immediately...this was bad news. I made it a point to run far off the path so I wouldn't be too close to the geese in passing, but that sure didn't keep two of the mama's from feeling threatened. Those suckers took off after me. TERRIFYING! I have never run that fast in my entire life. Except maybe that one time in middle school I T.P.ed the neighbors house and they came out threatening that they called the cops. Oops!
  2. About two miles into my run, I suddenly could not breathe. This is what I was dreading! I was already having a hard time breathing out of my nose earlier in the day and just knew this was going to happen. So there I am, hyperventilating like a freak-o-nature. Proof that running is of the devil.
Even though last night's run made my hate my life, I'm actually starting to like it! Weird, I know. I don't even recognize myself anymore! But, I want to share with you all some things that have helped to motivate me to work out on the daily (or not so daily, but more like 4 times a week)

A couple weeks ago I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone. A co-worker, who is trying to lose some weight for her upcoming wedding introduced me to it and I have become OBSESSED. MyFitnessPal is a program designed to help you keep track of your calorie intake and weight loss. I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight (although it wouldn't upset me) but I wanted to start eating healthier and keep myself accountable. It has also really encouraged me to be consistent about my workouts. I often have conversations like this with myself:
 "Oh, that OCP looks pretty tasty. (Oatmeal Cream Pie for those of you who aren't up to date on your Little Debbie lingo.) But dang! That's a whole lot of calories."
And then I sit and stare for a while...
"Butttttt, I could EAT the OCP and then just go running later and still be under my daily calorie intake!"
That happens way too often than it should, but it works! The proof is in the pudding people, and the pudding happens to be in my belly. And then there are days when I get this little note after logging all my food:
This day happened to be a horrible one. I had a small French Silk Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen, a total of 690 calories, and did not work out AT ALL. And MFP still said I would lose weight? Well heck! I'm gonna need me a blizzard every day!

Another thing that motivates me? A good jam. I prefer some gangster rap. It makes me feel hardcore, which always makes me feel like I can take on the world. The top two jams always on the top of my workout playlist:
The Show Goes On - Lupe Fiasco
All The Above - Maino Ft. T-Pain

See a theme here? I like songs that talk about real life hardships because I'm overly dramatic and believe that my life is one big hardship while running. I always think to myself, "Well, if T-Pain is a soldier, a rider, a ghetto survivor, and all the above, then I definitely can finish these three miles." Be honest, you do the same exact thing!

Sometimes we do silly things to motivate ourselves. What do you do to get your butt off the couch and work out?

xoxo, J


LacyLouise said...

LOL you are so funny!!! I have this app too and I cant wait to use it post baby!

Kalie said...

Haha I use that too. I feel so awesome after I put my 5 miles in, like OH I can eat all I want! Hahaha I do the same logic, well I'm running tonight, so that blizzard, cookie, etc is all okay because it will balance out! Sadly, I'm not losing weight, but inches are coming off!

Lala said...

What an awesome App, how have I not heard about this? Thanks Jenna, installing NOW!


Erin said...

"I prefer some gangster rap. It makes me feel hardcore." Haha love it. But I hate those geese. I would have screamed.

Samantha George-Realtor said...

If I'm running outside -
A. I always have my music - I like Pink for running.
B. I pick random mailboxes, streets, houses, etc. that I make myself "just run to the next one" ... but I keep doing it until the end of my run.
C. I take my crazy lab along with me. He makes me sprint!

Megan Wadsworth said...

I love it! Music makes such a difference, I don't think I can run without it

Anonymous said...

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