Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Random Ramblings: When Boys Make Plans

Oh yes ladies, another Tuesday's Random Ramblings from Yours Truly! I know you're beyond excited to read this bit of blogging gold! (Jokes...but let's be honest...)

It seems that whenever I have a Random Ramblings (which has only been one other time??) it's about my lovely boyfriend, Justin.

Maybe it's because I like talking about him. Or maybe it's because since being with him, he's opened my eyes to the strange world of MEN.

Pretty sure its the latter...

But anywho, this past Sunday, Justin and I hung out with one of his college roommates (and teammate) and his wife. The boys were in charge of making plans, which we know ladies, isn't always the best decision!

We met up with Jeff and Jess at church and made our way over to their casa afterwards. We decided to pick up some pizza and the boys wanted to watch the Tiger's. Ok, so far so good. Pretty normal guy-like plans, right?

Well here's the kicker. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside and the boys thought to themselves: "Self, why don't we enjoy watching the Tiger's WHILE enjoying the great outdoors!"

Yes ladies, they brought the TV outside on the deck while we ate pizza. Ok, so it was a little odd, but we were fairly close to the house, so it wasn't that weird. Actually, it was a pretty good idea!

Then, Justin and Jeff decided it was too hot on the deck and they wanted to move into the shade. So what do they do? They grab an extension cord, hook the TV and a fan to it, and drag the whole shebang into the yard under a tree.


The neighbors were out in their backyard showing, what I assumed to be, some friends their property. I'm pretty sure they were wondering what the hillbillies were doing with a TV and a fan in the middle of the backyard. 

I will say, it was kind of nice. It was like we were at the Tiger's game! But at the same time, who hooks the television up to an extension cord and drags it out into the back yard?? Only boys!

And this is why I have loved every single second of the last two years and three months with this man.

He may have some of the wildest ideas, but it's always an adventure with him! Let's be honest ladies, who wants to date a bore anyways?

xoxo, J


thecoffeehouse said...

haha. Our yard has seen the 'tv/fan/extension cord' thing as well. too funny.

Erin said...
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Erin said...

We were just talking about trying to do that when I was upsate a little while back! Seems like a solid plan to me. Now only if there was a pool that you could set it up next to.

Megan Wadsworth said...

That is awesome! What a nice compromise! Also, love the blog redesign, it looks great!!

Jazmine said...

LOL that is awesome!!!!!

discoveringmyfateandlosingweight said...

Haha love it! That reminds me of the time murf and his friends camped in our backyard with 3 tv's to play video games and stuff! One of the 12 yr olds got their hands on Jackass the movie so they were watching that and up walks my grandpa to the tents and everyone ran home. Poor murf was left alone camping with three tvs in my backyard!

Kalie said...

Haha, I can totally relate! I was visiting my step brother last weekend when I asked what the remote was on his porch for. His reply: "There is a tv in the garage, just inside the side door, so I can watch it from the porch". Yikes, hillbilly heaven.

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Aweee how cute are you two! And I know, men are of a whole different breed! Love you!!! Xoxo Kelly