Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just Workin' on My Fitness

So, I've been getting PRETTY serious about my fitness these days. This is a huge deal since in the past I haven't been able to commit to working out consistently for more than a few weeks. This is because:

A) I'm lazy
B) I hate working out
C) I'm lazy
D) Did I mention I HATE working out???

I've been working out pretty regularly for about two months now. Unfortunately, the past couple weeks I've been busy in the evenings so my workouts were really infrequent, but I made the conscious decision to not let that stop me!   

Am I not the most athletic person you have ever seen??

Here is my problem with working out. I just flat out HATE it! I hate gyms.They're always too expensive and I hate people watching me while I look like a freak pretending to know what I'm doing. And I hate sweating. It drives me insane. 

I work out in the evenings after work and sometimes, ok all the time, I'm exhausted. Chasing around eight toddlers, breaking up fights (yes, my kids fight like it's their job), and tending to every child's need is EXHAUSTING! Most of the time, I just want to go home, lay on the couch, and never get up! This really puts a damper on my motivation!

Some people say "Oh I love the way I feel when I'm running. I feel like I'm doing something so great for my body." Let's be honest here people, do you really love feeling like you're dying?!?

Ok, I am a bit dramatic about this whole working out deal, that's just me! 

But, as much as I hate running, that's my workout of choice (ironic, huh?). Now, I'm not one of those marathon runners! Three miles, TOPS! This week, I started running at a park near my house. They have a trail that is 2.8 miles, and that's good enough for me! One day I'll build up enough endurance to be able to run without wanting to collapse at the end.

After running, I do 2 ten minute workouts targeting specific body parts. For example, yesterday I did arms and butt and today I will do abs and legs. I use these nifty little iPhone apps for these workouts:

I use my iPhone for EVERYTHNG! 

 I'm not a crazy, obsessed fitness guru, but I think it is important to take care of your body. I haven't done the best job at doing so in the past, but it's never too late! Nothing feels better than knowing that you're taking care of yourself.

What is your favorite workout?

            Yours Truly ♥


Erin said...

I'm right there with you on the hate working out/running/sweating thing. So much that I just don't do it. Ever.

BrieAshly said...

I HATE working out, dread it, but I love the results, and love feeling healthy and on top of my game. I had a recent boycott of the gym because I too get home really late after a long day, and starting forcing myself to do the Insanity workout I really recommend it. They give you cardio, and toning, and you can do it all at home! I've sweat more doing that than I ever have at the gym!

Goodluck in your workout endeavors!!!!

Erin said...

Oh and I'm not sure if you follow Schue Love but check out Natasha's post:

She ordered the knock off J.Crew bubble necklace off eBay too and it looks adorable! Now I can't wait to get mine in the mail :)

Jenna Simpson said...

I'll have to check it out! I'm being so impatient about waiting for mine!

Jenna Simpson said...

I've heard people talk about the insanity workout. I should definitely check it out! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Bailey said...

I am right with you, after working I hate getting my butt to the gym. But when I finally get there and workout I feel amazing. The biggest battle is getting there.