Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Random Ramblings: Baseball Boys

First, before I go on rambling about baseball boys, I need to share one of my bargain finds yesterday!

You must know that I decided to reward myself with shopping after getting peed on yesterday by one of my toddlers. Now, I've been peed on before, but it's usually like a small spot on my shirt where their diaper leaked when I picked them up. Yesterday, it was a completely different story.

One of my kiddos was sitting on my lap when I felt that awful warm feeling. I knew immediately that his diaper leaked. Oh, but it didn't just leaked. This little stinker must have aimed perfectly to make sure his pee SOAKED my jeans. Literally, pee running down my pant leg. Yup... that was lovely.

But anyways, I went a little overboard at one of my fav bargain stores, Marshall's. I found these lovely Minnetonka Abbey Ankle Fringe Sandals!

On to the real reason for this post...weird things that baseball boys do. As I have mentioned, my boyfriend coaches a varsity baseball team.

Last Thursday, I went to support Justin and watch his double header. It's not my favorite thing to do, and quite frankly, high school baseball is about five notches more boring than watching golf, but I'm trying to win the Girlfriend of the Year Award, so I do what I can.

Since, dating this hooligan, I've watched more baseball that I've watched in my entire life, and there are just some weird...habits... I just don't understand. My question: Why do baseball boys insist on slapping each others butts? 

 [I know this happens in all sports, but we're just going to focus on baseball for the sake of photos, people]

And when they're not slapping asses, they're constantly touching each other. I swear, Justin and his players are always touching one another. Let's take a look at some pictures to demonstrate...

Listen boys, whatever floats your boat. I'm not judging! But I didn't come here to watch you get all handsy with each other!

I love that I'm over-exaggerating this whole thing and I hope that Justin gets defensive like he did when I said he slapped the umps butt, but let's be honest... IT'S KINDA WEIRD!

And since we're talking baseball, lets just throw in a picture of the stud doing his thing.

What do you think about athletes being all handsy on the field/court/whatever the heck they're playing on and then being completely homophobic when they're not?

Well, that's all for this week's Tuesday's Random Ramblings!

xoxo, J


discoveringmyfateandlosingweight said...

Bahaha love this post! I also love that I'm 99% sure you didn't take any of these pics of JBarbs and they are all stolen from his fbook! Baseball players are definitely a rare breed.

Jenna Simpson said...

Obviously I stole all those pictures from facebook!

~L said...

Cute sandals- which you totally deserved! Will also be discussing your hilarious baseball observations with my hubby (a former college player)!

Jenna Simpson said...

I'm sure my boyfriend and your hubby would love to chat about their college baseball days haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

discoveringmyfateandlosingweight said...

Weird baseball boys at their finest! What's up with baseball players and lip syncing? I'm now on the hunt for a certain Spice Girls lip sync vid featuring JBarbs! bahahaha