Friday, January 18, 2013

Fearless Fashion Friday

When Kelly told me about this brand new link-up, I knew I had to get in on the action. Fearless Fashion Friday is all about the latest trend you're loving but scared to try. While I'm usually not timid when it comes to fashion, there is one trend that I'm loving but I just can't get up the courage to try. And that trend is.....

A fur vest.

I don't know what it is about the fur vest that scares me, but it does! Maybe it's just me but a fur vest + Michigan just doesn't go together. I feel like I would get the strangest stares strutting down the street in ma' fur vest....

Or maybe I'm just over thinking things. Which is probably the case; I'm notorious for over thinking.

There are two things I know for sure about a fur vest, though:
1) They are definitely not office appropriate.
2) I would never hear the end of it from Justin. Men don't understand fashion.

But come on! How cute are they?! I've seen so many of you lovely ladies rocking a fur vest on Blogland and I just sit there...and stare...and think about how badly I need one...but then second guess myself over and over again.

Let's be honest, I'll probably never buy one. And then by the time I get up the courage to rock one, the trend will be long gone. So instead, I'll just live vicariously through you all and my Pinterest pins.

So, what trend are you loving but too scared to try? Link up with Kelly and Lindsey to share!

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Mrs. H said...

I can totally relate! I've tried on a few, but I just can't seem to pull he trigger and buy one!

Xo, B

Anonymous said...

I bought my first one on Black Friday and I absolutely love it. I wear mine over thin long-sleeved shirts or light-medium weight sweaters for an extra layer. You're right though, definitely not office appropriate =[

Rachel said...

I want one SO BAD but I don't even know where to find one? I think they are so chic and fabulous. I'll definitely be on the lookout now.... Happy Friday!

Erin said...

I have two vests. I can only wear them certain places. Aka not in front of my mom who told me I looked like a country bumpkin redneck. And not in front of boymandfriend who asked me if I shot an animal before arriving in it. Oops.

But they do pull a boing outfit together in a second flat

Jasmine said...

I packed a fur vest on this trip but it hasn't been "warm" enough anywhere to wear it! But I'm going to do a little outfit post for you and show you how unscary they are! X

Anonymous said...

I want a fur vest really bad! I love them but I have been afraid to buy them as well!

I would love to work in an office where a fur vest would be acceptable! :)

Thanks so much for visiting Fearless Fashion Fridays!

Shannon Rice said...

I'm from a small town in MI and when I go home in the winter I ALWAYS wear my fur. My family even looks at me weird, but mainly people just want to pet you.

I def think you should try it!!


Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

I was the same way!!!! Then one day my mom found this fabulous faux one & I fell in love. But I'll be honest it's not worn much! How great do those girls look in their vests. Thank you SOOO much for linking up!!!! You're amazing! Love you & happy Friday!! :)

Nichole said...

Do you know for the l.o.n.g.e.s.t time I felt awkward wearing scarves {I live in Florida and while I saw the trend everywhere!} but now I accessorize all the time with them! Maybe you'll feel bold enough to wear a vest, soon. It's a cute look

Sunny & Star said...

I have long been loving faux fur vest. And I am envious of all the girls I see on pinterest rocking them so well. I would love to have my own but I lack the courage.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights