Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Y'all, (why do I live in Michigan? I clearly belong in the South) it's just past 12 o'clock here and I just woke up from the most coma-like sleep. I'm pretty sure I'm still only half functioning. Someone was tired! This whole going back to work thing is really going to be a struggle come next Monday...

I'm so excited to share with you some of my latest pins. Link up with The Vintage Apple to join the fun! And while you're at it, follow my boards on Pinterest to keep up on all of my pins!

In love with these tire-track tights. I need a pair ASAP!
My next DIY project -- succulents in mugs.
This may or may not be our future centerpieces at the wedding...
Gimme gimme
I would give my left arm for these shoes. Ah-maze-ing!
Wooden monogram
Shabby chic closet doors
Happy Wednesday!


Eliza said...

love the mugs! I have mine from Anthropologie i believe thats where those mugs are from! very cute hope to see how your DIY turns out!

Erin said...

The first one! Sparkle and tights, love that. And I think I've definitely pinned those heels as well. Way to flippin fabulous not to have.

julia rose. said...

All I gots to say is... you DOOO belong in the South! Somewhere closer to me preferably ;) And I LOVE your pins, as usual!

Beth Lane said...

The centerpieces are oh so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi there from a fellow Michigan blogger! I love those anthropologie mugs!! I really wanted to use them for our wedding (just got married in July) as vases at the head table...but opted to give them away to my bridesmaids instead as part of their gift. Great pins!! Cheers!